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Father's Day

Don’t Tell Me Happy Father’s Day

Over the years Father’s Day has steadily built up steam as theย second coming of Mother’s Day for single moms. I’m divorced and raising my two sons, but please don’t tell me Happy Father’s Day. Yes I watch SportsCenter, pee in the shower, and hate changing the empty toilet paper roll but I am not a man. Yes I’ve taught my… Read more →


How Motherhood Helped Me Like Women

I’m pretty much a guy’s girl… I love sports, pee in the shower, and don’t want to talk about my feelings. I’m a free spirit who likes flying solo. When I became I mom, I thought it would be difficult for me to connect with mommies because I’ve never surrounded myself with a group of women on a regular basis.… Read more →

5 Reasons I Dislike Mariah Carey's New Song

5 Reasons I Dislike Mariah Carey’s New Song

I must start off by professing my love and adoration of Mariah Carey. I love Mimi so much that she has an entire blog category dedicated to her greatness. I’ve been a longstanding member of her official fan club, Honey B. Fly. I’ve stalked seen her numerous times in concert. …and here comes the “but”….BUT I was deeply disappointed when… Read more →


What Mom Really Wants For Mother’s Day

XYZ: What do you want for Mother’s Day Mom: Nothing honey. I have everything I need in life. Thisย lieย convo is repeated infinite times just before Mother’s Day all around the world. Why? Because moms are humble. We don’t have the time/energy to truthfully respond. We never get what we ask for anyway. ย Here’s 10 things mom really wants for Mother’s… Read more →