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James Harrison

James Harrison Strips Footballs And Trophies

James Harrison knows a thing or two about hard work and sports. He was a walk-on football player at Kent State. He went undrafted in the NFL. As an undrafted free agent he was signed and released several times before finally making it with the Steelers. In 2008 he was the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year. In his 12… Read more →


There Are WINNERS And LOSERS In Sports

I love sports for kids. There are so many life lessons to be learned: character, hard work, determination, teamwork, resilience, and so on. However, one lesson many parents downplay is winning and losing. There is the philosophy of “everyone is a winner“, and yes, that is great to help build children’s confidence and self esteem early on. But, how realistic… Read more →

back to school thoughts

18 Back To School Thoughts Moms Have

  I feel like I blinked and the summer is over. Hard to believe it’s already back to school time. There’s pros & cons of the kids being in school. The good: they’re out of the house, back on a daily routine, and no video games all day. The bad: HOMEWORK!!!! Here are 15 back to school thoughts moms have:… Read more →

Single mom dating

Moms And Dating…When Should He Meet The Kids?

The latest headlines concerning Ciara, her new beau Russell Wilson, and her ex Future are grounds for a great discussion. When should kids from a previous relationship be introduced into the equation of your new relationship? Everyone is weighing in on the debate. Before we proceed, there are a couple factors to eliminate in order to make this a healthy… Read more →