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12 Cool Things I’m Thankful For

Thanksgiving is definitely a time of reflection for many.  We get all deep, love everyone, remember how great the world is…it’s kinda like Facebook on a Sunday. What if we kept it real on Thanksgiving? You know, say things we are REALLY thankful for….things that only a drunk uncle would say at the turkey table. Of course I’m thankful for… Read more →

Cam Newton

Dear Rosemary, Don’t Come For Cam Newton

I love sports! The only thing I love more than sports is cupcakes watching sports with my kids. There are so many life lessons to be learned via athletics: teamwork, resilience, and work ethic to name a few. Tennessee Titans football fan and mom, Rosemary Plorin took her 9 year old daughter to see an NFL game. That’s pretty cool, especially… Read more →

Veteran's Day/A Hot Mama

Veteran’s Day Deals-Thank You For Your Service

I grew up in a military family. My dad is a retired Lt. Colonel in the United States Army. One of my best friends is a Lt. Colonel in the United States Air Force. My kids are growing up learning about, loving, and respecting the men and women of the military who unselfishly serve our country. Recently the boys donated their… Read more →


Halloween Craft

There are 2 things I suck at: parallel parking and craft projects. I am artistically challenged. There is no denying it. I think being artsy is part of my brain that didn’t develop. I like to make holidays special and create fun traditions. Usually something that revolves around food. So….when a friend, and loyal reader (hi Shannon!) told me about… Read more →