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The United States has three people with a national holiday to honor them:  George Washington, Christopher Columbus, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In 1979 U.S Representative John Conyers (Michigan Dem) and US Senator Edward Brooke (Mass Republican) introduced a bill to Congress to make Martin Luther King Jr. Day a national holiday.  The bill fell short by 5 votes.… Read more →

RIP Stuart Scott

BOOYAH Stuart Scott

It is privilege to witness greatness. While I’ve always loved sports, I didn’t always watch ESPN.  I remember one day flipping through the channels and seeing a young man talking sports with a fresh fade and high energy.  I had never seen anything like it.  I was used to seeing cardboard cutout talking heads, but Stu spoke to me! I… Read more →

mud run

Spartan Race

I did my third mud run and had a blast.  The Spartan Race is a 5K obstacle course that challenges your physical and mental strength.  I wouldn’t have made it through without the awesome Steel Barbells team. I regularly workout but I knew I had to step the gym routine up to prepare for Spartan. Michael Lopez put me through… Read more →

crying baby airplane

Six Passengers More Annoying Than A Crying Baby

I love a gift bag as much as the next person who loves freebies, but we are going too far.  There’s a new trend developing and it’s parents giving gift bags to airplane passengers for baby’s first plane ride. At first I thought, oh this is cute, then I realized, No….no, it’s not cute at all. IT IS ABSURD!!! Why… Read more →