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5 Reasons I Dislike Mariah Carey's New Song

5 Reasons I Dislike Mariah Carey’s New Song

I must start off by professing my love and adoration of Mariah Carey. I love Mimi so much that she has an entire blog category dedicated to her greatness. I’ve been a longstanding member of her official fan club, Honey B. Fly. I’ve stalked seen her numerous times in concert. …and here comes the “but”….BUT I was deeply disappointed when… Read more →


What Mom Really Wants For Mother’s Day

XYZ: What do you want for Mother’s Day Mom: Nothing honey. I have everything I need in life. This lie convo is repeated infinite times just before Mother’s Day all around the world. Why? Because moms are humble. We don’t have the time/energy to truthfully respond. We never get what we ask for anyway.  Here’s 10 things mom really wants for Mother’s… Read more →

standing desk

Will Standing Desks Work In Schools?

For the 2015-1016 school year Vallecito Elementary in San Rafael, California will be the first school in the country with all standing desks. The standing desks movement was initiated by 2 parents at the school, Juliet and Kelly Starrett, co-founders of a Cross-fit gym. It’s been said that sitting is the smoking of the younger generation. According to the CDC, in 2012,… Read more →

Brazil helicopter tour

Helicopter Tour Over Brazil

A highlight of my school trip to Brazil was our International Business Challenge. Our class was divided into groups, each team created a business plan to introduce to the Brazilian market. In addition to our 5 LSU team members, we had 2 students from ESPM, a Brazilian University to help guide us about the do’s & don’ts of doing business in Brazil.… Read more →