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There Are WINNERS And LOSERS In Sports

I love sports for kids. There are so many life lessons to be learned: character, hard work, determination, teamwork, resilience, and so on. However, one lesson many parents downplay is winning and losing. There is the philosophy of “everyone is a winner“, and yes, that is great to help build children’s confidence and self esteem early on. But, how realistic… Read more →

Five Lessons I Learned As A Soccer Coach

I’m a soccer mom. I watch soccer, I played soccer, my kids play soccer. Now, I can add soccer coach to my mommy resume. After 2 soccer seasons of coaching, I declared my retirement from the game. However, B’s desire to play has called me back out to the pitch. They say third time is a charm so I’m looking… Read more →

Nora’s Playdate Rules

Bronson is a really easy kid. He’s nice, funny, independent, and listens pretty decent for a preschooler. These fine qualities have made him very popular for playdates. He has quickly become a Playdate Kingpin at his school. Playdate requests come flooding in so much that Bronson has taken the liberty of arranging his own social schedule. He’s been doling out… Read more →

Bye Bye Baby Pooch, Hello 10 Minute Ab Workout

As a mom, no matter how much of the baby weight we lose, many of us still struggle with the good ole baby pooch. You know, that little area of “love” that accumulates just below the belly button. I’m no fitness expert, but moms are always asking for suggestions to lose baby weight and get their pre-baby body back. I… Read more →

I’m Going Back To School

I always dreamed of going back to school for my MBA. It just never seemed like the right time:  working full time, marriage, a kid, another kid, divorce, being a stay at home mom….there was always something. I have realized, there will never be a PERFECT time, so I’ve decided to take the steps and start my journey toward my… Read more →

My Problem With Pretty

There’s always that 1 little girl that is SOOOO pretty. Everyone constantly compliments her in amazement and adoration. “You’re so pretty, you’re beautiful, OMG can’t believe how gorgeous you are”. Before she can read, she probably thinks, “Hi. You’re so pretty” is a standard greeting. I was never that little girl. Growing up, I was a chubby faced little girl… Read more →

Mo Meets The Dallas Cowboys

I felt really bad for Mo when he tore some ligaments in his ankle. Despite the cast, he was super positive and understanding when I canceled the rest of Summer Camp, Soccer Camp, and our Summer Vacay. Being such a good sport he said, “It’s ok. I just wanna get better so I can play soccer and football again.” I… Read more →