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Simone Smith Jewelry

Moms have invented many great things, the sippy cup straw cleaner, tinkle targets, the beverage barricade, even Crocs widgets. And while these are all wonderful mommy inventions, my award for mommy invention of the century goes to SIMONE I SMITH. Simone is the ingenious creator of the perfect hoop earrings! ♥♥APPLAUSE APPLAUSE♥♥ Simone, moms across America salute you. I have… Read more →

What Color Am I?

The main reason I chose to raise my sons in California is because of the beach diversity. Growing up multiracial in the South taught me a lot, but umm…..I didn’t want my boys to grow up thinking the term “good hair” was a common word in Webster’s Dictionary. Mo and B both have their own unique look, but it is… Read more →

Not Loving Louboutins

So, I live in LA, and yes, I love fashion, but I’m not a slave to it.

I haves tons of friends that are crazy for Louboutins. You know, the shoes with the red soles that all the celebs wear out and about.

Sorry….I just don’t get it. 

Maybe bc I’m not your typical shoe girl. I have a few pairs of shoes in basic colors. I don’t need 30 pairs of black heels, 10 animal prints, and 20 adorned with rhinestones, glitter, and other annoying sparkly crap that just fall off and pose a choking hazard for my 2 year old.

Just a couple black, gold, and a few neutrals and I’m good. 

I know many of you are probably up in arms ready to gauge my eyeballs out with your Manolo heel, but I really don’t see the big deal with Louboutins. Girls in LA are crazy for them. JLo even made a song about them (it was a flop, but still, they have a song). And yes, Oprah wears them ALL THE TIME.

Now, I love Oprah, just like any other person with a vagina, but really, do I wanna be wearing the same shoes as Oprah? Diamonds, YES! Shoes? Ummmm…..not so much.

Louboutins either look like something that need to be worn on Wall Street or to a strip club. 

Now, perhaps I am waaay off base here and Louboutins are really the bomb. I’m not saying I’d turn down a pair that might mysteriously arrive on my doorstep for more “research”. I’m just saying for $1,000, I can find something waaaay cuter for a fraction of the price.

Here is my evidence hot off the Fall 2010 Louboutin line at Neiman Marcus:

Tassled platform bootie $1,495

Are you serious? This reminds me of my high school graduation cap.

Spiked boot $1,795

Who would spend money on this crap? It looks like an art project Mo and B decorated.


Toundra booty fur $2,095

Yes! These shoes are $2000. At least they named them right. They look like they have the booty of a poodle or something else crawling on them. These shoes are SOOOOO ugly. YUCK! I’d feel like someone’s dog was humping my foot all night.

Jem Velours Pump $1,195

They should call this the Laura Engle Stripper Shoe


The moral of the the story is this: Yes, Louboutin has some fabulous shoes, but use your brain people, don’t just buy something because of the name or else you will have people like me talking about ya!


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I Met Brett Favre!


Growing up with a father from Wisconsin, you constantly hear about 3 things: snow, cheese, and the Green Bay Packers.

So, my whole life I thought I was a Packer fan. But in August 2008, Packer quarterback Brett Favre signed with the NY Jets (and later to the MN Vikings). I  realized I was actually a Brett Lorenzo Favre fan. Screw the Pack.

I am a huge fan for many reasons, but it has very little to do with football.

Of course he is one of the most amazing quarterbacks of all time, but come on guys, this isn’t ESPN, it’s a mom blog. I’m not here to rattle off sports statistics.

As a mom with 2 boys (and a woman with a heart), it goes much deeper than that. I already know Morris and Bronson like sports and it is inevitable that they will look up to an athlete. I hope as my boys get older they will respect and appreciate Brett Favre not only for his athletic greatness, but for at least one of the following:

He’s passionate about what he does. The average career in the NFL is 3.5 seasons according to the NFLPA. Brett just completed his 19th season in the League. He has even retired twice and came back to the game.

He’s a family man. His wife Deanna (his college sweetheart) is often seen at the games. He constantly mentions how she is such a driving force in his life. They have 2 daughters, Brittany (21) and Breleigh (10).

He’s honest. He always tells it like it is and is very candid. He commands his press conferences/interviews with his Southern humor and charm.

He’s humble. He’s a gracious winner….and loser. Credit is given to his teammates and opponents. I am amazed to see how much time he spends at the end of a game hugging the opposing team. You can even see him chatting up the other quarterback and coaches for extended periods of time. 

He has an amazing work ethic. I already see how young kids want instant gratification with little time or effort put in. He holds the record for most consecutive starts by a quarterback at 285 games!!! Who in the world plays 285 games straight? That’s more amazing than having perfect attendance all 12 years of school. Brett is known for triumphing amid adversity. Some of his best games were played while seriously injured or coping with personal tragedy (such as the passing of his father, his mother’s home loss during Hurricane Katrina, and his wife’s battle with breast cancer).

I have grown up with and gone to college with many guys that played in the NFL and they all have nothing but nice things to say about Brett Favre. In any profession, the opinion of your co-workers goes a long way.

But the other day, I had the opportunity to meet this great man and now I can voice my opinion.

My friend Gayle got tickets to see Brett (we’re on a 1st name basis now) on the Tonight Show and invited me to attend with her. After the show, we’re escorted to the Green Room. When Brett comes out, I feel a sense of calm. I forget he’s one of the greatest football players and feel like I’m back in high school. He’s so humble and down to earth, I’m taken back to my high school days after the game. It’s like he just came out of the locker room and I still have my cheer leading uniform on. I almost blurt out, “should we head to McDonald’s or Taco Bell?”

He’s so gracious and charming. He was visiting LA to take his daughter to see Miley Ray Cyrus and is traveling with his mother-in-law and Priest, both of which we meet. I can easily relate to their humble down home attitude. They’re from Mississippi and I’m from Georgia, instant connection! lol. 

After conversation and picture taking, his Priest orders me to turn my back to Brett (I thought the Priest was gonna do some kind of Catholic ritual since Brett had just taken a photo with me, to wash away all the bad sins or something…lol). But I feel something pressing on my shoulder, and it’s Brett autographing my jersey!!!!!!!! I joked with the Priest that I thought he was about to bless me or something and he said, “I just did.”

And he was right. It was such a blessing and a joy to meet Brett and see that he is everything and more that I thought he would be. And I hope our 15 minute interaction has inspired him to come back for his 20th season in the NFL and win Super Bowl 2011!!!

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Desperate Housewives Tour

I love Desperate Housewives.

I’ve seen every episode since the pilot aired October 2004. Big deal, right?

I’ve even hung out at my friend’s house who lives across the street from Eva Longoria, the actess who plays my favorite character, Gabby. Ok, kind of creepy.

So, when I saw a full access set tour of the ABC hit show at a charity auction, I knew it had to be mine!!!!! When it comes to shopping, I rarely go home empty handed. I won the set tour (and helped a good cause).

I knew who I wanted to accompany me on the tour. My friend Kary is a fellow DH fanatic. Even though she works in the entertainment industry, she is just as goo goo for Gabby and the gang of Wisteria Lane as I am. We often sit around at kid playdates and discuss all the characters as if they’re our personal friends. (Can you believe Susan let that bitch take her man?, Did you see how cute the new gardener is?, Ktherine went crazy on everybody….I can’t believe Karl is bangin Bree now….etc)

The set tour was amazing. I couldn’t believe I was standing on Wisteria Lane!!!!!! I got to walk in everyone’s house, see the soundstages, and even hob nobbed at Craft Services with the crew (that was some goooood baked Ziti!).

**DISCLAIMER: If you don’t watch DH, then you probably will not care about these photos/commentary.

**DISCLAINER: If you don’t watch DH, you’re a loser and I’m pretty sure we’re not friends.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did…..

Mike the plumbers ride (he wanted to take me out to Scavo’s pizzeria).


Lynette’s car…I’m looking crazy bc I didn’t realize one of the crew was sitting inside!

Lynette’s house….I was snapping pix left and right. lol

Making Susan’s specialty…tea!!! And everything on the sets are real. No props in the houses.

Hangin with Kary on Susan’s porch.

We would sooooo fit in on Wisteria Lane. Kary was so “Lynette” following behind me on the tour muttering, “don’t steal anything Nora!”….lol

Photos inside Gabby’s house (told ya I was snapping everything)

Gabby’s porch where she use to gaze at John the hottttt gardener.

Me striking a Gabby pose (I’m such a cornball).

Bree’s house…those are all FAKE flowers BTW, but they look soooo real. (oh, and notice Orsen’s ramp)

Gabby’s bathroom. Her house was my fave inside. The kitchen is AMAZING, but was covered bc they weren’t filming so I couldn’t get a pic 🙁

Bree’s living room. Notice Orsen’s w/c, I can’t stand him!!!!! He’s soooo annoying.

Bree’s kitchen was pretty awesome too. Her house was so detailed inside. Everything was organized and labeled.

Bree’s dining room. Looove the chairs. All the pics in the frames were really Bree and “family”.

Lynette’s kitchen. Scene of Tom’s numerous emasculations.

Remember this episode? One of my favs, when they named MJ….there’s a beautiful mural in MJ’s room.

The globes from Susan’s art class: Jaguars, Giraffes, and forgot the other one, but HILARIOUS episode…

The DH God himself, Marc Cherry. Creator, writer, producer= RICH! $$$$$$$$$$…super nice guy!


Who is YOUR favorite Desperate Housewives character?




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Mariah Las Vegas Concert Review

Have you ever been to a concert and there was that ONE ANNOYING PERSON?

You know, the one that stood up the ENTIRE concert, was dancing around with strangers, singing all the words out loud, and had his/her hands up clapping and waving the whole time so you could never get a good photo op?

Well, if you were at The Palms September 12, 2009 to see Mariah Carey, I feel compelled to apologize. That person was ME!!!!!!!!

Mariah is a goddess. A legend. A musical trailblazer.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with motherhood (since this is a mom blog, right?). Absolutely nothing, but I LOVE MARIAH, and it’s my blog, so you will benefit greatly from my vast adoration and love for the greatest female singer of all time. Read on…

I took Morris with me to the concert. Since he is my son, he has no choice but to love Mariah, I mean, he was genetically implanted with the same great musical taste as me.

She was nothing short of FABULOUS!!!!! Her voice sounded better than ever. She hit all the high notes, runs, adlibs, and everything else in between. There are very few female artists that can touch her vocal range and strength (if any).

The Pearl is an intimate venue inside The Palms hotel in Las Vegas. We had great seats on the floor about 8 rows back and directly in the center. In fact, my seats were sooooo good, her hubbie, Nick Canon was standing behind me and Mo for the entire show. He was also a good sport when we got his attention to show off Mo’s shirt. He actually read it and busted out laughing then gave Mo the “thumbs up”. Thanks Nick!

My favorite thing about the show is that Mariah is a singer, and that’s what she did. Although she gracefully cascaded down on a trapeze, that was the extent of the fancy stuff. There were no fireworks, big dance numbers, extensive costumes/props, or high tech theatrics. It wasn’t necessary. Just good ole singing, because let’s face it, she can sing.

I would see her a zillion times if I could. There is no other talent in the music industry with her charm, talent, and appreciation for her fans. I’m glad I could share it with my 5 year old son. 

And for the record, it was a good thing that I was that annoying concert goer standing up the whole time. Otherwise, where would Morris have slept? Poor kid, just couldn’t hang. Or maybe he was just hiding from the embarrassment caused by his crazy mama. What can I say, I love Mimi!!!!!

Oh, and Mariah, please don’t be mad at me for sneaking in my Sony Cybershot. It was all for the sake of the blog, and I made sure to get all your best angles! I got you, Mimi.

This is why I had to stand the whole show. It wasn’t my fault.

Booty shot

Here’s proof Nick was behind us. He’s the one in the pink tie.

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