Do I need big boobs to be a Hot Mama?

Being a Hot Mama has absolutely nothing to do with physical appearance.  It’s about being a mom and putting the timeless and unconditional love into your kids.  It’s about the commitment you make to parenting and providing your children with what you believe to be the best experiences for them to grow up and become kind, loving, moral, and intelligent beings.  Doing all this, while being smart, stylish, and strong.  That’s what being a Hot Mama is all about (however if you have big boobs, and that makes you feel good about yourself, then more power to ya, and the same goes for small boobs, medium boobs, one boob, three boobs, etc).

Is your mom a Hot Mama?

Definitely. Being a Hot Mama is finding the balance between being smart, stylish, and strong. But most of all, it’s just about doing the best job you can and loving your kids whole heartedly. My mom came to this country speaking English as a second language. She chose to be a stay at home for the first 4 years of me and my sister’s life before persuing her education. She eventually earned her Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree,  Specialist Degree, and ABD towards her Ph.D (this is starting to sound like a “Roxanne Roxanne” rap). She went on to work in the Atlanta Public School System for over 20 years while raising 2 head strong and sassy girls (ok, only 1 of us is sassy-and I’m not naming any names). Ironically, I didn’t appreciate my mom until I had kids of my own. Now I see what she went through and feel guilty for what I put her through.

How often do you update your blog?

I try to post something daily or every other day. We’ll see what happens.

Who is your favorite musical artist?

Actually, I know no one cares, but I will go to any length to promote my love and affection for the greatest female artist of all time: MARIAH CAREY!

Which Hot Mamas inspire you?

I will definitely say all the moms that are in Los Angeles. Women in LA are already hot and beautiful. But, the moms here simply raise the bar. I remember when Morris was an infant I took him to the park wearing the same dirty sweats for a week (me, not him), and I saw a mom there with 3 kids that looked so put together. I was in awe. I kept staring at her. I couldn’t fathom how a woman with THREE kids could actually find time to comb her hair, pull off a matching outfit, and still manage to smile. I gradually began learning “mommy tricks” of how to look great on a limited mommy schedule of time. For instance, invest in a great pair of stylish jeans.  No one will notice if you wear them everyday as long as you change your shirt.

My kids come first in my life and I sacrifice all my luxuries of yester-year to try and be a good mom to them. Some moms can do both-take time for themselves and still be attentive to their kids. I’m trying to learn to do that. So, I adore moms who seem to balance their lives with motherhood while still looking FABULOUS!

Why should I care what you have to say?

I don’t care if you care. Do you care if I don’t care that you do or don’t care? Who cares? And who’s on first?

Honestly, this is just a great way for me to let other parents know it’s ok to make mistakes and it’s ok to be upset after a bad day. I remember my first weeks as a new mom and how lost and confused I was. I couldn’t really find resources or people that I felt knew where I was coming from with my parenting concerns. I was almost afraid of feeling like a bad mom for voicing some of my concerns and issues. But in time, I found my groove and got the ball rolling. I’m just here to share my journey and hopefully help a parent or two along the way.

What made you wanna do a blog?

I blame my blog on facebook. I got on facebook as a distraction to pass the time while I was nursing my son Bronson. At first I would just fall asleep while nursing him, which allowed him to fall asleep while nursing, and we all know what a bad habit THAT is. So, I started getting out my blackberry and doing status updates to pass the time (and stay awake).

I started getting emails and positive feedback about how entertaining my updates were. I had no idea that anyone was even listening, much less cared. As time went on, a few people were requesting me to update my status more often and elaborate on parenting experiences, so I obligued.  Then it just sort of snowballed. As the hormones raged, I had more and more to say and facebook wouldn’t allot me enough characters to say it in my status update. SO, here we are.


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