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Little Lights Of Mine YouTube

I love sharing great mommy finds. I stumbled on a YouTube channel that I love. Ayesha Curry is a mom who makes fun videos with recipes and cool mommy finds. Her YouTube channel, Little Lights of Mine covers: *Tag Videos *Mommy Must Haves *Fitness Fridays *Vlogging (Family Trips) Ayesha has a 2 year old daughter so if you’re a new mom or have… Read more →

Trick Shot Titus With Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper

Trick shot Titus is a YouTube sensation.  Earlier this year he showcased his basketball moves on Jimmy Kimmel. He even went up against Shaq and won. In his latest YouTube video he has accomplished what every woman with a pulse wants to do: sit in Channing Tatum’s lap and be held by Bradley Cooper. Yes, the two year old shooting… Read more →

Trick Shot Titus Dropping Buckets on Jimmy Kimmel

YouTube has discovered more stars than American Idol. One of my faves is 2 year old basketball shooting sensation Titus. Trick Shot Titus does upside down shots laying on a trampoline w/a pacifier in his mouth, around the corner buckets, and 7 footers. At the rate he’s going, he’ll give Mark Price and Rick Barry a run at free throw… Read more →

The Boys Love Thriller!

When Mo was 3, he became obsessed with a music video. While most toddlers were crooning to the Doodlebops, Wiggles, and Disney Playhouse, Mo was captivated by Michael Jackson’s Thriller. This was very strange to me. He grew to love the Thriller video so much that he dressed as the Thriller video werewolf for Halloween. The costume scared the sheit… Read more →

Old Fashion Fun

In a technology crazed society, I take delight in watching Bronson have simple, old fashion fun. My handyman left a few extra boards one day, and I decided to create a ramp for B’s plethora of cars. Who needs Disneyland when you’ve got wood????? For added delight, I filled a tupperware bowl with dish soap, food coloring, and water and… Read more →

I Hate Stuffed Animals

I really hate stuffed animals. It is useless junk that simply takes up space and harbors allergens and germs. If your child ever received a stuffed animal as a gift from me, I am 100% sure it was a re-gifter. I get rid of teddy bears, Mickey’s, and doggies faster than a box of Samoas. Sooooo….somehow Bronson has secretly accumulated… Read more →

Teacher Slaps Student

What is going on at Los Angeles schools?! Students shooting students, janitors shooting principals, and police officers shooting themselves….Wow. None of this was going on when I was in high school. The latest development is a teacher slapping a female student. Now, many people are up in arms about this. NOT ME. I can think of 10 female students I… Read more →

Toddler Talk

I love how kids have their own way of saying words while their vocabulary is starting to develop. Bronson has a language that only a few of us understand. strawberry= straw shoo shoo water= wah wer train= john john peach= piatch I want to watch Yo Gabba Gabba= a yo $%#&^**$% However, my all time favorite is the word he… Read more →

Coffee Shop Fun

As a stay at home mom, I am constantly trying to find ways to amuse myself. Being around a 2 year old and 6 year old daily can make you crave adult interaction. Sure, being on facebook helps, texting friends, and of course writing. But when I’m out and about with the boys, sometimes I just need mild amusement to… Read more →