Bye Bye Cursive Handwriting

I was a good student. The only area I ever had trouble in was Handwriting. Yes, back in the old days we had HANDWRITING on our report cards. No matter how hard I tried, my cursive writing never cut it. I blamed it on the fact that my brain simply worked faster than my writing(…)


Stop Bullying Kyle Williams

According to the U.S. Department of Eduation, 160,000 children a day stay home from school because they are afraid of being bullied. There have been more and more cases of bullying in schools. Today, kids are dealing with bullying on another level. There is cyber bullying (twitter, Facebook, email), sports bullying, gay bullying…the list goes on(…)


Justin Beiber And Dad Get Matching Tats

Justin and Daddy Beibs got matching tats. Aww…nothing like father/son bonding…???? 17 year old pop star got the ribcage tat, written in Hebrew. It means “Yeshua,” or Jesus. His manager, Scoot Braun said for Justin, his Christian faith remains a prominent part of his persona. The Beibs says prayers in English and Hebrew before going onstage.(…)


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