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Bye Bye Cursive Handwriting

I was a good student. The only area I ever had trouble in was Handwriting. Yes, back in the old days we had HANDWRITING on our report cards. No matter how hard I tried, my cursive writing never cut it. I blamed it on the fact that my brain simply worked faster than my writing skills. Honestly, I just wrote… Read more →

Stop Bullying Kyle Williams

According to the U.S. Department of Eduation, 160,000 children a day stay home from school because they are afraid of being bullied. There have been more and more cases of bullying in schools. Today, kids are dealing with bullying on another level. There is cyber bullying (twitter, Facebook, email), sports bullying, gay bullying…the list goes on and on. Bullying has always… Read more →

Golden Globe Dresses 2012

Last year at the Golden Globes, the mommies didn’t quite have it together. This year, THEY SHOWED UP!!!! The mommies rocked the Golden Globe Red Carpet!!!! Here are my top 3 faves: *My top mark goes to mommy of 2, Jessica Alba. She had on the most beautiful lilac purple Gucci dress ( I love that shout out to LSU). In her Red Carpet… Read more →

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Kids Fave Snack

I love kiddie snacks almost as much as my boys: S’mores Goldfish, Doritos, string cheese, and granola bars top our list. They’ve gone thru some weird snack phases that I didn’t really dip my hand in too much like seaweed and carrot applesauce. Nothing compares to what Brangelina’s sons, Maddox and Pax enjoy for munchies: CRICKETS!!!! The boys were born… Read more →

Seeing PINK

A Hollywood couple will be seeing pink soon…or blue. Singer Pink announced on Ellen that she and husband, Corey Hart are expecting. YAY!!!! I love welcoming new moms to the club. She mentioned that her doctor thought it might be a girl and Pink said, “My mom has always wished me a daughter just like me,” she jokes. “I’m terrified… Read more →


One of my favorite sayings is “Game recognizes game”.

When I came across Kickette, I knew I had found my blog bestie!

This site is dedicated to fashion and HAWT SOCCER PLAYERS!!!! Umm….hello! This is the best combo since peanut butter and jelly, Mork and Mindy, Ashford and Simpson.

Their logline is:

“For those who love the players as much as they love the game.”

And they post pics like this:

And i thought Mariah was my only soul sister….these girls at Kickette definitely know their ahem…soccer.

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Morris Is Cool

Sometimes I just sit back and watch my boys. I try and calculate their next move. But, especially Morris because he is such a wild child.

Like, could I really guess he was gonna climb to the top of the granite fountain and jump down just before all 8 feet of the cascading waterfall came crashing on the pavement?

But, in watching Morris, I have made a few conclusions.

He’s a pretty cool  kid. Very laid back.

He even matches his tattoos with his gear. Usually superhero of some sort.

He also has a really silly and sweet side.

I wonder where he gets these wonderful traits…

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National Ice Cream Day

I love holidays, celebrations, and sweets.

Any chance of celebrating something, I’m on board.

You bought a new lawn mower? Let’s go out to dinner!

The new paint job on you car has survived another year? This calls for cupcakes!

You finished reading the novel you started 6 months ago? Gelatto on me!

So, when I heard about National Ice Cream Day I couldn’t wait to figure out a celebration.

There seemed to be one logical choice. I packed up the kids and headed to milk.

Milk is the brainchild of Bret Thompson, formerly of The Patina Group.

Milk is a cafe, bakeshop, and ice cream parlor rolled into one glorious location. There is something (or many things) for everyone. The kids LOVED it!

Morris got their Citrus Vanilla Float– blood orange sorbet, lime sorbet, vanilla bean ice cream, and creme soda.

I had a breakfast sandwhich, Red Velvet cupcake, Ooey Gooey double chocolate cookie, and Black Cherry Float (I got a little caught up in the moment).

Bronson had a little of everything. He’s our human 13 month old garbage disposal.

Everything was amazing.

We will definitely go back. And I’m not waiting until the next National Ice Cream Day.

Bronson can attest to the yumminess of the cupcake

Got Milk?

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