High School Reunion

I just had my 20 year high school reunion. As a former class officer, I helped plan the event. I had no idea I would gain so much from the experience. It definitely made the trek from Los Angeles to Atlanta even better than the frequent flier miles earned. I was quite fortunate to go(…)


Mom Intuition Is Real

There are some things “experts” say are beneficial to our kids, and we do it. We play classical music to our unborn child because it might make them smarter. We buy them black and white toys as infants for increased visual stimulation. We put our kids in Mommy and Me class for socialization. Who knows(…)


What Are You Mixed With?

I grew up in a household where race was never an issue. Although my parents were clearly different colors, no one ever mentioned it. I’m so appreciative that my parents led by example and treated everyone they encountered the same despite race. If my dad called someone a Jackazz, it had nothing to do with(…)


Sweet Blackberry

I recently attended a fundraiser for Sweet Blackberry. No, I’m not referring the my beloved smart phone. I’m talking about the non-profit organization whose mission is to bring little known stories of African American achievement to children everywhere. Actress, and mother of 2, Karyn Parsons (A.K.A Hilary Banks) was inspired to create¬†Sweet Blackberry by the(…)


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