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The United States has three people with a national holiday to honor them:  George Washington, Christopher Columbus, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In 1979 U.S Representative John Conyers (Michigan Dem) and US Senator Edward Brooke (Mass Republican) introduced a bill to Congress to make Martin Luther King Jr. Day a national holiday.  The bill fell short by 5 votes.… Read more →

To The Moms Who Stay Silent Against Social Injustice

Since it’s 2004 inception, Facebook has grown to become a popular medium to express social concern. When terrorists bombed Paris, everyone changed their profile pic in support. When a lion in Zimbabwe was killed, the Cecil movement began. The Orlando shooting at a gay nightclub, Boston Marathon bombing, mass school shootings….all horrific events, all protested on Facebook. However, when it… Read more →

What President Obama Means To My Kids

I remember sitting in Social Studies class learning about the Presidents of the United States. I was so bored. I looked at the picture my teacher was showing and thought, “I can’t really relate to any of these old white haired men”. The only President I felt a remote connection with was a young, charismatic JFK. Other than his biography,… Read more →

5 Takeaways From The Hollaback Viral Video

Hollaback is a movement to end street harassment.  They define street harassment as “catcalling or verbal harassment, stalking, groping, public masturbation, and assault.”  The nonprofit organization created a PSA to exhibit what happens when a woman aimlessly walked around NYC for 10 hours.  It was filmed with a hidden camera while the actress was walking holding 2 visible mics. Ten hours of… Read more →

Kudos to Cheerios Commercial With Biracial Couple

*May 31, 2013* I don’t think I’ve ever gotten teary eyed watching a commercial. Oh wait, there’s that David Beckham one in his H&M undies, but those were tears of joy. After seeing a Cheerios commercial featuring a biracial couple and their mixed daughter, I must say it really moved me. Bear with me, I’m menstruating emo right now. Growing… Read more →

RIP Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela has passed away at age 95. Mr. Mandela was a Nobel Peace Prize winner and South African anti-apartheid icon who spent 27 years in prison, led his country to democracy, and became South Africa’s first black president. He has inspired countless people across the globe with his strength, wisdom, and spirit.  May his greatness and teachings continue to… Read more →

Friend Diversity

I just finished Mo’s birthday invites. As I reviewed his friend list the diversity of his classmates dawned on me. His invite list looked like a UN summit: Syrian, Russian, Latino, African American, Asian, Arab and Multiracial. At the tail end of his academic year at a new school I realized just how diverse Mo’s friends are. This made me… Read more →