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Six Things To Do In Tulum Mexico

Imagine waking up in the morning and it’s 70 degrees then lounging on the beach in the afternoon and it’s 85 degrees…in February. WELCOME TO TULUM, MEXICO! Tulum (pronounced Tuh-loom, not TULL-um which is what the Southerner in me kept saying #Faceplant) has become a hotbed for millennials and A-list celebrities. Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber, Richard Gere, Reese Witherspoon and… Read more →

Don’t Tell Me Happy Father’s Day

Mother’s Day is big business in the United States. The National Retail Federation estimates that in 2015, over $21.2 billion was spent on Mother’s Day gifts. A projected 84.2% of Americans celebrated mommy with cards, brunch, flowers, jewelry, etc. It’s all well deserved, moms work hard. Mother’s Day is a joyous occasion many women look forward to celebrating and feeling appreciated. Tupac and Boyz II… Read more →

Halloween Candy Do’s and Dont’s

Candy corn, Jolly Ranchers, Kit Kats, Skittles. Enough about what I had for breakfast, lets talk about Halloween candy. Being that I’m not the “healthiest” eater, I’m glad David Zinczenko, author of, Eat This Not That! For Kids! came out with a few Halloween candy guidelines. I have referenced his book before, and I like the way he breaks things… Read more →

To The Moms Who Stay Silent Against Social Injustice

Since it’s 2004 inception, Facebook has grown to become a popular medium to express social concern. When terrorists bombed Paris, everyone changed their profile pic in support. When a lion in Zimbabwe was killed, the Cecil movement began. The Orlando shooting at a gay nightclub, Boston Marathon bombing, mass school shootings….all horrific events, all protested on Facebook. However, when it… Read more →

12 Cool Things I’m Thankful For

Thanksgiving is definitely a time of reflection for many.  We get all deep, love everyone, remember how great the world is…it’s kinda like Facebook on a Sunday. What if we kept it real on Thanksgiving? You know, say things we are REALLY thankful for….things that only a drunk uncle would say at the turkey table. Of course I’m thankful for… Read more →

Halloween Craft

There are 2 things I suck at: parallel parking and craft projects. I am artistically challenged. There is no denying it. I think being artsy is part of my brain that didn’t develop. I like to make holidays special and create fun traditions. Usually something that revolves around food. So….when a friend, and loyal reader (hi Shannon!) told me about… Read more →

There Are WINNERS And LOSERS In Sports

I love sports for kids. There are so many life lessons to be learned: character, hard work, determination, teamwork, resilience, and so on. However, one lesson many parents downplay is winning and losing. There is the philosophy of “everyone is a winner“, and yes, that is great to help build children’s confidence and self esteem early on. But, how realistic… Read more →