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Snapchat For Old People

According to Bloomberg, Snapchat has passed 150 million users a day. That’s more than Twitter (136 milli estimated). Not bad for a social platform birthed less than 6 years ago. In this short time frame, Snapchat has built it’s $19 billion network on the popularity of young users. Website, estimates  69 percent of U.S. smartphone users age 18 to 24 are… Read more →

8 Easy Tips On How To Rock At Twitter

With 304 million active daily users, Twitter is a monster machine for promoting, connecting, and staying informed. Every second around 6,000 tweets are tweeted. That’s an average of over 350,000 tweets per minute, 500 million tweets per day and 200 billion tweets per year(!). Twitter is 140-character magic. Although it has changed a bit since its 2006 debut, one thing holds true about Twitter: It’s… Read more →

Little Lights Of Mine YouTube

I love sharing great mommy finds. I stumbled on a YouTube channel that I love. Ayesha Curry is a mom who makes fun videos with recipes and cool mommy finds. Her YouTube channel, Little Lights of Mine covers: *Tag Videos *Mommy Must Haves *Fitness Fridays *Vlogging (Family Trips) Ayesha has a 2 year old daughter so if you’re a new mom or have… Read more →

Clean Your Room Kobe Bryant

No matter how old we get, we all have our room or belongings at our parent’s house. For me, it would include dusty cheerleading trophies, high school love letters, and a Salt N’ Pepa poster. All worthless to most, priceless to me. If you’re talking Kobe Bean Bryant’s old room it’s another story. The 15 time NBA All-Star has amassed… Read more →

Back to School Mom

Just call me Thornton Mellon. After 15 years I’ve gone back to school. WOW!  Things sure have changed. One of the hardest adaptations for me: ONLINE TEXTBOOKS.  Bleh. When I graduated undergrad pretty much the only people who had a laptop were the same ones who had a private plane. I never would have thought we’d ditch the student store… Read more →

Real Women Over Disney Princesses

I didn’t grow up obsessed with the whole Disney Princess thing. Yes, there are a couple good ones, but the lack of diversity among them didn’t really speak to me. Also, dressing up in an antebellum gown, pretending to be vulnerable, waiting to be saved by a man…YAWN. I guess it’s good I don’t have girls or that my boys aren’t… Read more →