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Back To School

It’s hard to believe our summer has come and gone. It is back to school for us! I’m really excited about this year because both of the boys have male teachers.  I always welcome Mo and B having positive male role models in their life. I can’t wait to see what the new school year brings for them.  First and fifth… Read more →

Michelle Obama And #ReachHigher

Friday May 2, 2014 The U.S Department of Education and First Lady Michelle Obama are asking you to wear college gear to support an initiative to encourage and inspire kids to consider higher education after high school. When you post social media photos in your college attire please use the hashtag #ReachHigher I love this and welcome any opportunity to… Read more →

A Day In Troy- USC Campus Tour

  It’s never too early to introduce thoughts about higher education to children.  When Mo’s school participated in A Day In Troy at USC we were all in!  It was a great program.  A Day in Troy is a community service event put on by the USC Athletic Department. Fans have the opportunity to spend an afternoon with USC student-athletes… Read more →

Pantene Whip It Commercial

As an MBA student, I really take note to marketing and advertising. Every once in a while a television commercial comes along you never forget.  There’s “Where’s The Beef” for Wendy’s, Bill Cosby’s Jell-O ads, Budweiser’s Clydesdales, and McDonalds’s “I’m Loving It Campaign”. One of the most powerful ads I’ve seen is a commercial for Pantene.  The commercial is to… Read more →

Back to School Mom

Just call me Thornton Mellon. After 15 years I’ve gone back to school. WOW!  Things sure have changed. One of the hardest adaptations for me: ONLINE TEXTBOOKS.  Bleh. When I graduated undergrad pretty much the only people who had a laptop were the same ones who had a private plane. I never would have thought we’d ditch the student store… Read more →

MBA…Here I Come

Six days before my 39th birthday I got some great news…I’m accepted into the Flores MBA Program at LSU. As I sat on the floor watching Scooby Doo with Bronson I tearfully read my acceptance letter. It was definitely a surreal moment. After all, getting my MBA has been a thought long before Mo and B were even here. A… Read more →