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Halloween Candy Do’s and Dont’s

Candy corn, Jolly Ranchers, Kit Kats, Skittles. Enough about what I had for breakfast, lets talk about Halloween candy. Being that I’m not the “healthiest” eater, I’m glad David Zinczenko, author of, Eat This Not That! For Kids! came out with a few Halloween candy guidelines. I have referenced his book before, and I like the way he breaks things… Read more →

To The Moms Who Stay Silent Against Social Injustice

Since it’s 2004 inception, Facebook has grown to become a popular medium to express social concern. When terrorists bombed Paris, everyone changed their profile pic in support. When a lion in Zimbabwe was killed, the Cecil movement began. The Orlando shooting at a gay nightclub, Boston Marathon bombing, mass school shootings….all horrific events, all protested on Facebook. However, when it… Read more →

Snapchat For Old People

According to Bloomberg, Snapchat has passed 150 million users a day. That’s more than Twitter (136 milli estimated). Not bad for a social platform birthed less than 6 years ago. In this short time frame, Snapchat has built it’s $19 billion network on the popularity of young users. Website, estimates  69 percent of U.S. smartphone users age 18 to 24 are… Read more →

Artkive App

B is a huge art lover.  He takes an art class after school twice a week and literally draws and colors 15 things a day at home.  For Christmas I wanted to get him and family members something special.  I discovered the most amazing app that creates a book from your child’s artwork. ARTKIVE is the greatest app for parents… Read more →