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What Is National Signing Day?

It’s that time of year… The 1st Wednesday of February. No, not Groundhog Day, it’s National Signing Day. College athletes are able to sign a National Letter of Intent to play a sport at a college. Many of the nation’s best high school athletes have made VERBAL commits, but this is the day to seal the deal in ink. It… Read more →

Ten Things I Know At Fab 40

I spent most of my life being a pleaser….wanting to make others happy, avoiding confrontation, going with the flow, over-nurturing men in relationships, putting myself last, etc. Then this wonderful thing happened: I turned 40 years old.  As if on cue all of the above ceased.  I really felt a change (no, not THE change…at least not yet).  My perspective… Read more →

There Are WINNERS And LOSERS In Sports

I love sports for kids. There are so many life lessons to be learned: character, hard work, determination, teamwork, resilience, and so on. However, one lesson many parents downplay is winning and losing. There is the philosophy of “everyone is a winner“, and yes, that is great to help build children’s confidence and self esteem early on. But, how realistic… Read more →

18 Reasons Summer Is A Girl’s Best Friend

What’s not to love about summer?! Seriously, unless you’re a polar bear or a pair of UGGs, summer is the best time of the year. School is out, days are long, and the weather is perfect. There’s something about the summer air that is great for women. We really let our hair down. Here are 18 reasons why summer is a… Read more →

Will Standing Desks Work In Schools?

For the 2015-1016 school year Vallecito Elementary in San Rafael, California will be the first school in the country with all standing desks. The standing desks movement was initiated by 2 parents at the school, Juliet and Kelly Starrett, co-founders of a Cross-fit gym. It’s been said that sitting is the smoking of the younger generation. According to the CDC, in 2012,… Read more →

Spartan Race

I did my third mud run and had a blast.  The Spartan Race is a 5K obstacle course that challenges your physical and mental strength.  I wouldn’t have made it through without the awesome Steel Barbells team. I regularly workout but I knew I had to step the gym routine up to prepare for Spartan. Michael Lopez put me through… Read more →

Five Lessons I Learned As A Soccer Coach

I’m a soccer mom. I watch soccer, I played soccer, my kids play soccer. Now, I can add soccer coach to my mommy resume. After 2 soccer seasons of coaching, I declared my retirement from the game. However, B’s desire to play has called me back out to the pitch. They say third time is a charm so I’m looking… Read more →