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Qalo Ring

When I was married I rarely, if ever took my wedding ring off.  It just felt weird NOT to have my ring on.  Even through my pregnancies it literally got stuck on my 3x enlarged finger and almost had to be cut off.  Being married  can be beautiful as is displaying your commitment via the ring. However, sometimes a wedding… Read more →

Greatest Motherly Advice From My Mom

My mom rarely preaches to me about parenting.  I appreciate that. However, when she makes subtle observations or gives advice I take it to heart because she doesn’t comment much.  She casually said something about Mo that really made me think. “As the oldest son growing up in a house without a man present, be careful not to pressure him… Read more →

Denise Richards Really Is Wonder Woman

My level of love and respect is quickly growing for Denise Richards. The 42 year old beauty continues to inspire me with her unselfish co parenting.  Having children by someone you’re no longer with isn’t easy.  *insert Charlie Sheen joke here* Learning to co parent can be a struggle for the best of us.   She serves as a great… Read more →

Time To Bury The Hatchet And Learn To Co Parent

Parenting isn’t easy.  When you have children with someone you’re no longer in a relationship with it creates another set of obstacles.  One major challenge is learning to balance personal healing with raising your kids.  Co parenting with someone who hurt you can be more painful than a bikini wax.  However, like being bare down there in a new cute… Read more →

MBA…Here I Come

Six days before my 39th birthday I got some great news…I’m accepted into the Flores MBA Program at LSU. As I sat on the floor watching Scooby Doo with Bronson I tearfully read my acceptance letter. It was definitely a surreal moment. After all, getting my MBA has been a thought long before Mo and B were even here. A… Read more →

I’m Going Back To School

I always dreamed of going back to school for my MBA. It just never seemed like the right time:  working full time, marriage, a kid, another kid, divorce, being a stay at home mom….there was always something. I have realized, there will never be a PERFECT time, so I’ve decided to take the steps and start my journey toward my… Read more →

A Brand New Me

The effects of a divorce/breakup are ongoing, some good some bad. It’s not just a word, it’s a process that definitely involves change and growth. It almost feels like a metamorphosis to me and now I’m at the butterfly stage enjoying life. “Enjoy Living” has been my consistent mantra and I’ve been living up to it daily. I find happiness in… Read more →