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12 Cool Things I’m Thankful For

Thanksgiving is definitely a time of reflection for many.  We get all deep, love everyone, remember how great the world is…it’s kinda like Facebook on a Sunday. What if we kept it real on Thanksgiving? You know, say things we are REALLY thankful for….things that only a drunk uncle would say at the turkey table. Of course I’m thankful for… Read more →

Dear Rosemary, Don’t Come For Cam Newton

I love sports! The only thing I love more than sports is cupcakes watching sports with my kids. There are so many life lessons to be learned via athletics: teamwork, resilience, and work ethic to name a few. Tennessee Titans football fan and mom, Rosemary Plorin took her 9 year old daughter to see an NFL game. That’s pretty cool, especially… Read more →

Moms And Dating…When Should He Meet The Kids?

The latest headlines concerning Ciara, her new beau Russell Wilson, and her ex Future are grounds for a great discussion. When should kids from a previous relationship be introduced into the equation of your new relationship? Everyone is weighing in on the debate. Before we proceed, there are a couple factors to eliminate in order to make this a healthy… Read more →

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Facebook feeds, Twitter timelines and Instagram have been taken over by the ALS #IceBucketChallenge. Former Boston College baseball star Pete Frates, age 29, is the inspiration behind the viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  He’s lost his speaking voice as a result of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) however the viral Ice Bucket Challenge campaign he’s inspired has given a major voice… Read more →

Little Lights Of Mine YouTube

I love sharing great mommy finds. I stumbled on a YouTube channel that I love. Ayesha Curry is a mom who makes fun videos with recipes and cool mommy finds. Her YouTube channel, Little Lights of Mine covers: *Tag Videos *Mommy Must Haves *Fitness Fridays *Vlogging (Family Trips) Ayesha has a 2 year old daughter so if you’re a new mom or have… Read more →

Groundbreaking Women’s Weekly Cover

I can’t remember the last time I bought a women’s magazine. I love fashion but I don’t like the fake ideology many magazine covers represent.  When the world’s most beautiful supermodels, actresses, and entertainers are airbrushed and photoshopped what message does that send to women??? I’m pretty comfortable with my freckles, laugh lines, and crooked teeth. It would be nice if… Read more →

Why You Should Date An Ugly Duckling

We are all familiar with Hans Christian Andersen’s worldwide tale of The Ugly Duckling…a homely barnyard bird lives a life of ridicule and hardship then matures and blossoms into a beautiful swan.  This fairytale ending comes to fruition for many young girls who went through that awkward stage of acne, braces, glasses, bad bangs, perms gone wrong, and hand me downs.… Read more →