Dad Delivers His Own Baby

You can call San Antonio resident, David Herrera “Big Daddy”. While waiting in a delivery room at  Christus Santa Rosa Hospital in Westover Hills, David went into action as his wife, Isabella went into labor. Their doctor was called into an emergency delivery and was nowhere to be found. David’s wife encouraged him to help deliver(…)


Kid Free Flying Zone

Flying with small kids can be challenging. I will never forget my 1st flight with the boys. The 4 hour flight felt like 20. Sometimes, despite all the mommy tricks for flying, kids just have their own flight agenda. We’ve all been on a flight with a screaming baby, toddler throwing food, and the kid(…)


13 Pound 14 Ounce Baby!

If I ever have another baby, I’m gonna be really cautious about drinking the California water. Cynthia Sigler of Vista, California delivered son Jayden who weighed in at a whopping 13 pound 14 ounces. *every woman cringes and grabs her Vagina* Don’t worry ladies, Cynthia had a C-Section…but still…that’s a big ole baby. In fact,(…)


Mariah’s 1st Performance Since Giving Birth

Mama Mimi!!!!!!! Just 10 months after giving birth to my niece and nephew twins Monroe and Moroccan, Mariah Carey hit the stage. Mimi performed at Caesar’s Entertainment Kicks Off “Escape to Total Rewards” at Gotham Hall in NYC. She looked great in a form fitting black gown. She performed some of my old faves,”It’s Like That,”(…)


Beyonce’s 1st Post Baby Photo

Wowzers. Just 1 month after having baby, Blue Ivy, Beyonce makes her first public appearance. She hit her hubby’s club 40-40 for the Monday after party to his 1st Carnegie Hall performance. Party goers said Bey was out well past Blue’s bedtime. She hit the after party around midnight and left around 4AM. Good for(…)


Safe Surrender

In Los Angeles, there is a law to protect babies called Safe Surrender. Safe Surrender allows mothers to give up newborns at any LA county hospital, ER, or fire station. “The Safe Surrender program was created to give a mother, no matter what the situation, a safe, secure and anonymous way to get her child(…)


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