A Hot Mama connects with hip modern moms.  We are smart, stylish, and strong women who love our kids while maintaining a sense of self outside of being “Mommy.”

This website is written and edited by me, Nora.  All opinions expressed are my own.


I am not a product review blogger, but occasionally I will write about something I try and really believe in. If your product/service is super awesome and you’d like to share it with me, I’ll give it go.  However, I only write up what I truly like as a woman and mom.  Receipt of your product does not obligate me to review your product if I don’t like it.  This due diligence has helped to establish a trusted relationship with my readers.


I live in the Los Angeles area and enjoy attending events relating to fashion, entertainment, sports, and kids.

Please send any inquiries regarding product review/advertisement/PR  to


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