Five Co-Parenting Tips For The Holidays

imageaHR0cDovL2JsdWJlZGJ1aWEwMjo4My9pLzRDL0Q3MjI3NkRFMThDNUMwRENBQzMzN0YxNzlFOUVGLmpwZwThe holiday season is here which means Christmas carols, holiday shopping, Santa Claus…and the Ex. During the holidays the kids will be out of school, there will be planning for Christmas gifts, and lots of family get togethers.

There is no shunning contact with the ex.

To make this time run smoothly you have to put your personal feelings aside.  Here are some tips on how to co-parent through the holidays:

1. Silent Night – Santa knows who has been naughty and nice. There’s no need to rehash any old dilemmas or bring up pains from Christmas Past. It will accomplish nothing except getting you upset (and a lump of coal in your stocking).

2. Don’t be a Grinch– You don’t wanna be “that person” at the holidays.  Everyone is happily festive and celebrating. Even your best friend in the whole entire world doesn’t wanna hear the Debbie Downer Ex-drama amid the holiday cheer.

3. Let there be peace on earth– This is such a special time for children to enjoy. They are making eternal memories. You don’t want Lil Johnny’s holiday remembrance to be tainted with thoughts of mom and dad fighting.

4. It’s the most wonderful time of the year– This is a great chance for new beginnings. Change your attitude and start fresh.  You will feel better when you let resentment go and the holiday spirt flow.

5. Plan ahead– No last minute hasty decisions. Resolve custody issues, holiday planning, or gift ideas away from the kids.  If you have to, be the bigger person to ensure your children are merry and bright at the holidays.

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.” ~Burton Hillis

Find the joy in celebrating with your children. Let their smiles be your heart’s guide. Love your kids more than you hate you ex. If all else fails have visions of sugar plums, remember all is calm all is bright, and get your Ho Ho Ho on!

Christmas co parenting

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