To The Moms Who Stay Silent Against Social Injustice

Since it’s 2004 inception, Facebook has grown to become a popular medium to express social concern.

When terrorists bombed Paris, everyone changed their profile pic in support. When a lion in Zimbabwe was killed, the Cecil movement began. The Orlando shooting at a gay nightclub, Boston Marathon bombing, mass school shootings….all horrific events, all protested on Facebook.

However, when it comes to police violence against African Americans, my TL exhibits a stark contrast of concern.

I understand everyone uses social media for different reasons. Also, I understand social media discernment for employment purposes. However, as a parent I’m confused about the disparity to speak out on certain social issues yet blatantly ignore those that affect people of color.

Photo by: Sarah-Ji
Photo by: Sarah-Ji

As parents we teach our kids to be leaders. We teach our kids to speak out against bullying. We strive to teach our kids right from wrong. What does your silence against police violence teach them? Moms are very vocal and have no problem to show support over silence. I’ve seen moms strongly advocate on Facebook for many issues:

Every child deserves a participation trophy

Pets shouldn’t be left alone in a hot car

The war on drugs in schools

Gluten free cupcakes should be an option at the class party (bear with me, I live in Los Angeles)

Photo from AlamyYet so many moms are mute on violence against African Americans by police. This bothers me on many levels.

I see you so quick to post selfies with African American celebrities you bump into around town.

I see the posts of your child proudly hitting the Nae Nae and quoting his favorite rap lyrics (I agree, Panda really is a catchy tune).

I love the videos of your son dabbing at his football game (Dab On Em Lil Johnny!!).

I “liked” your status update when you were so excited to be meet and cheer on your favorite football/basketball/baseball players.

I was even slightly jealous when you checked in at the Jay-Z/Beyonce concert.

But I’ve never seen a single post, meme, like, or mention when it came to Alton, Philando, Eric, Tamir, Sandra, Sean, Oscar, Terence…that could easily be one of my sons, their father, their grandfather.

The same moms who are so quick to show support for other social causes or African American celebrities opt for silence against an ongoing epidemic of police killings against black males. President Obama stated “This is not just a black issue…this is an American issue.”

As moms we’re taught when we see our children in pain, hurt, or using their words and actions to express dispondency to empathize, put ourselves in their shoes, listen to their concerns, understand their frustration. Given this theory, why as moms, is it so easy to turn the other cheek against a race expressing the exact sentiments regarding violence in the community?

I don’t have a solution but I know silence isn’t the answer.

We’ll still be Facebook friends but it’s hard for me to be excited about your Tasty videos, horoscope quiz, or which celebrity hairstyle is best for you. The other half of my Timeline is trying to understand if they will come home alive if they have a busted tail light, sell cds or experience car trouble.

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