8 Easy Tips On How To Rock At Twitter

Twitter tipsWith 304 million active daily users, Twitter is a monster machine for promoting, connecting, and staying informed. Every second around 6,000 tweets are tweeted. That’s an average of over 350,000 tweets per minute, 500 million tweets per day and 200 billion tweets per year(!).

Twitter is 140-character magic.

Although it has changed a bit since its 2006 debut, one thing holds true about Twitter: It’s the hotbed for entertainment, breaking news, promotion, humor, and business opportunities. Here are 6 tips on how to be a Twitter rockstar:

1. MASTER THE HASHTAG: The hashtag (formerly known as the pound sign) is a great way to market, let people find you with searches, track analytics, or just be obnoxious (my favorite). Users can click on hashtags and see all the tweets of people discussing it. ex: #MondayMotivation #LSUvTexasTech #ERedCarpet #YOLO

2. ENGAGE-ENGAGE-ENGAGE!: If someone responds to your Tweet either respond, retweet, or favorite. When you’re trying to build a following it’s great to assure followers you appreciate the love (tweets). Plus, it’s just more fun! Don’t be afraid to tweet people you follow even if you don’t know them, just don’t be creepy.


a.)If you’re tweeting a link to an article, make sure you include a photo image. Readers are more likely to click on a link w/an enticing picture.

b.)You can tag up to 10 Twitter users without using up your 140 character allotment. SWEET!

c.)If you want a photo to stay in your Twitter feed, upload it DIRECTLY to Twitter vs sending it from Instagram. Instagram is owned by Facebook (Twitter competitor). When you auto send your IG pics to your Twitter feed, they eventually become Twitter blobs and can’t be viewed on your account.

4.) KICKASS BIO– The purpose of the bio is to attract followers. Don’t be afraid to do a humble brag or show a little of your personality. Let people know who you are ( in 160 characters or less).

a.)Don’t write sentences. Be concise. Use catchy phrases. People have short attention spans.

b.)Be creative (Example: I play more XBOX than my son vs. saying “proud mom”)

c.) Cross promote- @ companies you’re affiliated with on Twitter so followers can click the link. Example: @ESPN anchor vs. saying ESPN anchor

d.)DON’T BE BORING. No one intentionally follows lame ducks.

Read this article for more bio deets.

Here’s some great bio examples:

UberFacts Mike_Trainor Kevin_Spacey Helper


Come up with something unique to your Twitter account that your followers can expect on a regular basis. This keeps followers coming back and it also helps them feel more connected with a regular interaction. Some sportscasters do a game summary the following day, models tweet post shoot selfies, actors do live tweets during their show’s broadcast. ESPN analyst Jay Bilas starts every morning with a rap lyric. Example:

6.) GET A CLIQUE: Interact with a few tweeters/friends regularly. You get exposure to their followers and vice versa. Also, follow a variety of people. Twitter can be a great forum for inspiration. Seek out a variety of Twitter personalities. You’ll be scared surprised at what’s out there in the Twitterverse.

7.)BE CONSISTENT: Twitter is in real time. Timelines move fast and if you’re not a regular tweeter, people won’t see you on their feed. Keep a regular presence. If you’re a fashion blogger-tweet during all the red carpet pre-award shows. A sports fan should tweet during games. An avid Scandal watcher, tweet during TGIT (and don’t forget to hashtag Scandal! ). Only newbies complain about someone doing “too many Tweets”. The purpose of Twitter is to TWEET. You’re only as good as your last tweet.


a.)If someone Tweets you and you click “Reply” only the person you respond to sees your Tweet (or someone who follows BOTH of you). It doesn’t show in anyone else’s timeline.

2015-12-10 19.15.24


b.) If you want your followers to see it you must put a period (“.”) or any other symbol before the handle and that makes it public timeline material. Example:

AHotMama Twitter

c.)Use the “Retweet with comment” option if you want followers to see the comment you’re replying to. People are nosey. They love this. Also it’s good fellowship to show someone else some love on your TL.




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