Here’s Why The Delta Gamma Sorority Rocks…

Delta GammaA Delta Gamma recruitment video from the University of Miami has gone viral but not without criticism.

I’m so tired of society calling a woman in a bathing suit a slut, whore, and other derogatory names. Comments like, “future trophy wife” or “blonde bimbos” echo online about the DG women.

If I had a daughter I’d have no issue with her wanting to join this sorority. Heck, the video alone makes me wanna Rush. Is there a Grad Chapter?! I’m pretty sure Delta Gamma is my spirit animal!

Lets not forget Michelle Roque, FSU Delta Gamma who made Sports Center for her NFL-esque flag football highlight reel. She might be my fave QB outta Tallahassee since Charlie Ward.Michelle Roque

I have no qualms about the ladies in the recruitment video. Why all the negative remarks? There’s no guys, alcohol, or drugs…

All I see is bubbles, glitter, and unicorns.

These young ladies are in college, in Miami, on the beach…why wouldn’t they be wearing BEACH gear? DUH. If it’s not your cup of tea, move on. Joining a sorority isn’t mandatory. Why knock Delta Gamma?

Society needs to get over the image that a woman can’t be beautiful, donn a bikini, and be intelligent in the same package. It’s 2016 people, GET OVER IT…women can do it all! And while you’re throwing around derogatory references, please consider the accomplishments of notable Delta Gamma alumnae:

*Senator from New Hampshire

*First woman to be nominated for a Presidential cabinet position

*President of DreamWorks Animation SKG

*Executive director of UNICEF

*Director of the U.S. Peace Corps

*US Ambassador to Malta

*President of Radcliffe College

*Federal Judge for the Court of Appeals for the Sixth District

*U.S. Congressman for the state of Missouri

*Red Cross nurse who served in three wars

*First woman to graduate with MD and PhD degrees in medical informatics

*Emmy Award-winning political television producer

*U.S. Congresswoman for the state of Pennsylvania

*First female federal judge

…the list goes on and on. By “trophy wife” I guess you mean winning awards and being badass. The next time you want to criticize a woman just because she is beautiful, having fun, and wearing a bikini take a note from the Delta Gamma girls, let your hair down and jump off a yacht!



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