Foods To Eat For Good Luck In the New Year


January 1st is the day we are all optomistic and ready for change.

A new outlook on life, love, career, family, and attitude is a key ingredient for the New Year.

In addition to that, there are some foods that many believe will help start this new beginning off right.

Many will be eating black eyed peas, collard greens, and fish.


Since I’m from the South, this a very typical meal for January 1.

Black eyed peas are said to bring luck and prosperity because the peas represent coins.

Collard greens are said to bring money because it represents the dollar bills/greens.

Fish represents a long and healthy life. Many also believe the “scales” represent money.

Other good luck foods:

Grapes: In Spain and many South American cultures, eating 12 grapes is a tradition. Each grape is said to represent a month of the previous year. One might be sweet and one might be sour representing good and bad months of the past. By devouring them, you are saying goodbye to all the things from the old year.

Lentils: Similar to black eyed peas, they look similar to coins so they represent wealth and money in the new year

Pork:  Since pigs push their snouts forward when looking for food, this represents progress or moving forward.

***However AVOID chicken and lobster.  Chickens scratch  backward which symbolizes regret or dwelling on the past. Lobsters move backwards which represents setbacks .


Eat up everyone and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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