What Is It Like To Get A Chemical Peel?

Face Bar LAGood news: As a 16 year Los Angeles resident I spend a lot of time at the beach, park, and soccer fields.

Bad news: It has taken a toll on my skin over time.

Freckles can be cute if you’re saaaay…Peppermint Patty or Punky Brewster.Face Bar But after a mixture of freckles, sun spots and acne scars I decided to try a chemical peel to even out my skin tone. This was my first chemical peel so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The good folks at The Face Bar took great care of me. Their shop is so serene and chic my fears were instantly at bay. Tamiko welcomed me with a big hug and cool beverage then she worked her magic. The Signature Face Bar Peel is a 6 step process done in 30 minutes.

The peel is designed to “not only remove the fine lines, sun damage and most if not all hyper pigmentation, but will also resurface the skin’s texture and tone, treat acne and Malasma, and revive collagen and elasticity leaving the skin youthful and glowing.” What else does a girl need?!


Six Step Signature Peel:

• Steam– Your skin will be steamed with a vitamin cocktail to open the pores.

• Extractions– This will clean out all the impurities.

• Exfoliation– This texturized acid will feel like a rough exfoliant. It will be rubbed in and left on for 15 minutes. This will remove the top few layers of dead dull skin.

• Customized Acid Pad– Blended with a mixture of Kojiac, Lactic and TCA acids to resurface and brighten skin.

• Cold Collagen Roller -Dipped in a collagen solution then rolled over the face to tighten and add elasticity to the skin.

• Echo 2 Pure Oxygen Treatment– 7 vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids to hydrate and brighten the skin.

• Peel– Customized compounded cream-based acid applied to the face which is left on for 8 hours. This is the “Signature” formulated peel.

I recommend getting a sampler pack of The Face Bar products to apply in conjunction with the peel. My results were great and I can’t wait to go back for another treatment.

DAY 1: The peel has a slight tint to it which made running errands afterwards feasible. I had no qualms walking around all day without makeup. By evening though my kids said my face looked orange. :/

chemical peel 2015-12-06 07.22.30

DAY 2: I’d call this “Red Day”. My face was red and felt a little tight. Nothing unbearable. The Face Bar serum and moisturizer worked wonders to soothe it.

Ahotmama chemical peelDAY 3: This is “Peel Day”. It was pretty cool when my skin started peeling. It was like back in 3rd grade when you got Elmer’s glue on your fingertips. It was a gentle slough, nothing painful. It looks kinda weird though. The peeling was mostly on my cheeks and chin.

Face Bar peel



DAY 4: Most of the peeling was finished except mild forehead peeling.

Chemical peel

Day 5: Good to go!

Tricia DikesThere’s no filter on these pics and no makeup except for mascara and lip gloss. The peel definitely lightened my freckles and sun spots. The toughest part was probably the exfoliation and acid peel. The exfoliation was a little rough and the acid was well…acid. Lol There was a lil tingly burn. It’s very fast though and the cold collagen roller immediately soothes it.

The key is staying hydrated, keep your skin moist (w/moisturizer & SPF), and stay out of the sun!


If you’re looking to refresh your skin with a peel I highly recommend The Face Bar. Tamiko took great care of me, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly, the ambience is lush, products are great, and Lemonade is across the street!!!

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