Dear Rosemary, Don’t Come For Cam Newton

newtonI love sports! The only thing I love more than sports is cupcakes watching sports with my kids. There are so many life lessons to be learned via athletics: teamwork, resilience, and work ethic to name a few.

Tennessee Titans football fan and mom, Rosemary Plorin took her 9 year old daughter to see an NFL game. That’s pretty cool, especially since women make up an estimated 45 percent of the NFL’s more than 150 million American fans and over 6.4 million women play fantasy football. Love seeing girls get involved with sports.

What’s also cool is Rosemary’s dedication to being a mom. She took time out to write a letter to Cam Newton because she was concerned about pelvic thrusts, arrogant struts, and non role model behavior exhibited in her daughter’s presence.

I applaud parents and their commitment to raising children. While I respect Rosemary’s letter writing efforts, she’s missed a couple points, so I decided to write a letter to enlighten her on a few issues, ya know, mom to mom.

Dear Ms. Plorin,

What’s up girl? Can I call you Rosie? Great! First of all Rosie, you rock for taking your youngin to a pro football game (fist bump). I saw your letter to Killa Cam. While it’s commendable for taking an interest in your daughter’s well being by highlighting some of Cam’s actions you deemed unfavorable, you neglected to mention some of his stellar accomplishments (and I’m not referring to his on field competencies like being the first rookie QB to throw for over 4,000 yards in a season, or being only 1 of 2 undefeated teams in the NFL right now, or even beating your Tennessee Titans 27-10. Losing sucks doesn’t it? Ugh…it’s the worst!).

Anyway, you mentioned concerns about Cammy Cam’s behavior not being very role model-ish. R-Money, do you know that in the offseason Cam went back to Auburn University and took classes to finish his degree? We’re even talking 8 AM courses!!! I don’t have to tell ya how much an 8AM class sucks. (Especially given the fact that while he’s trotting across campus in the wee hours his fellow NFL constituents were prolly vacaying on some tropical beach or getting arrested) But girl, yes, even though Cam has an over $100 millllllllllllllion dollar contract with the Panthers he values education enough to spend his offseason on a college campus learning.

Your daughter mentioned his mom. Let her know Cam’s commitment to higher learning was in part due to fulfilling a promise he made to his mother to go back and graduate after he left Auburn for the NFL. A man of his word, WHERE DEY DO DAT AT THO? That’s right even though he was the #1 pick in the 2011 draft ( don’t forget about the Heisman, SEC Championship, and BCS Championship) and making millions, he went back just 2 years later for a Sociology degree. Mind blown, right?!

cam newton

As for being a role model, did you know Cam grew his hair out in an afro only to cut it off and donate to Wigs For Kids to help children who lost their hair due to medical treatment, illness, or burn accidents? He even went one step further and autographed a jersey to be awarded to a lucky winner who donated $100 or more to the organization.

Cam Newton


In addition, he started the Cam Newton Foundation which seeks to enhance the lives of youth by addressing their educational, physical and social needs. You should totally take your daughter to one of his fundraisers like the Kids Rock! Gala, the Celebrity Kickball Game (warning-there might be some celebratory dancing) or join the Super Cam Club to help raise funds for education outreach programs. That totally seems like your thing. I bet you’d love it!

Cam newton foundation

I could go on and on about the extensive positivity Cam contributes but we’ve gotta talk about the “chest puffs & pelvic thrusts”. While I happen to enjoy watching a little pelvic action I understand others don’t. You said you redirected your daughter’s attention to the cheerleaders in lieu of viewing such lewd acts…Do you mean these cheerleaders? Is this more “family friendly”? I put my Daisy Dukes away years ago when I had kids but would welcome the opportunity to bring them out of retirement, pending your approval of course.

Tennessee titans cheerleaders cheerleaders-fans-nfl-week-14 cheer-auditions600

Anyway, R-Dizzle. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion but it seemed a little skewed. While you view Cam Newton’s celebration antics as having a negative impact on what was “otherwise a really fun day”, my 7 and 11 year old sons relished every move of Cam’s TD celebration! My boys love seeing a young man they can relate to achieving success off and on the the field. I fully support that too and what’s wrong with a little bit of fun? After all, it is a football game and not a chess match. Checkmate!

Carolina Panthers v Tennessee Titans

And those “pelvic thrusts” you speak of, boy I just giggle every time I say that…the thrusting is actually a dance called Hit Dem Folks. It originated in Cam’s hometown, ATL, which also happens to be where I grew up. Hey, you should watch the replay of it (it’s all over the internet!) and emulate the moves with your daughter. I bet it would go viral on YouTube! You’d be a smash hit. Maybe Ellen would even give you a call. Get your thrusting on guuuurl.

Ro-Ro, I really think you should reconsider your view of cutting a rug on the field. At the Carolina Panther’s Fan Fest, Cam and crew hit the Nae Nae (you might wanna Google that, honey) with 6 year old Braylon Beam. You see Braylon, is undergoing treatment in Charolotte, N.C., for a tumor. The Make a Wish Foundation made him an honorary Carolina Panthers head coach during the team’s Fan Fest. And guess what, after the event Cam Newton brought a huge smile not only to Braylon but fans everywhere by dancing with him.


Oh, and BTW, while we’re talking dance moves…Are you familiar with Titans linebacker Avery Williamson? Of course you are, you’re a devout Titans fan. Well anyway, the dance he hit after he sacked Cam, that’s the Hotline Bling dance. I bet you fancy that celebratory dance more, huh? Not so much thrusting *giggle*. I think you and your daughter would have fun with that number too.

Good luck Rosemary. Keep advocating for your daughter, just make sure in your critique of someone else’s child that you’re a teensy bit informed. Ya kinda sound more like a bitter sports fan than a concerned mom.


Nora Moore

P.S- Did you happen to notice Cam’s flawless skin (since you had such a close up view and all)?! Definitely the best in the NFL. I’m just dying to know what moisturizer he uses. And those teeth…such a perfect smile! Do you think he whitens? Ok, bye girl. Have a good day!

You can read Rosemary’s letter on the Charlotte Observer HERE.

Rosemary Plorin

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