Halloween Craft

There are 2 things I suck at: parallel parking and craft projects.

I am artistically challenged. There is no denying it. I think being artsy is part of my brain that didn’t develop.

I like to make holidays special and create fun traditions. Usually something that revolves around food. So….when a friend, and loyal www.ahotmama.com reader (hi Shannon!) told me about the witch hats, I jumped on board.

Here’s a fun, easy, edible Halloween craft you and the kids can enjoy. Mo did all the work. I just supervised (another strength of mine) and ate (yet another talent).

3 ingredients:

Fudge stripe cookies

Hershey’s kisses



*Flip the cookie stripe side down

*Fill the hole with icing

*Unwrap the Hershey’s kiss and squish on top of the icing

You can refrigerate to help seal the icing.

Easy, right? Seriously, you have to be a moron if you can’t do this.

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