18 Back To School Thoughts Moms Have

Back to school


I feel like I blinked and the summer is over. Hard to believe it’s already back to school time. There’s pros & cons of the kids being in school. The good: they’re out of the house, back on a daily routine, and no video games all day. The bad: HOMEWORK!!!! Here are 15 back to school thoughts moms have:



1.  How will we all wake up on time?

2.  When does the drop off lane open?

3.  I hope I can avoid the PTA nazis.

4.  Will there be any hot dads at our school?

5.  What am I supposed to pack everyday for lunch?

6.  Will Junior eat his sandwich if I forget to cut the ends off?

7.  I hope there are cool moms in our class.

8.  When can I start wearing my pjs at drop off?

9.  Please don’t let the teacher give too much homework.

10. How am I supposed to figure out Junior’s math?!

11. Will there be better parking this year?

12. Where is my bra?

13. Do I need to buy EVERYTHING on the school supplies list?

14. Will Junior REALLY use a protractor?

15. Which back to school pic will I post on Facebook?

16. I hope we don’t have the mean teacher.

17. Why is our teacher so young & pretty? All my teachers were old & crabby.

18. Pass the wine!!!

Wishing everyone a happy school year!!!

back to school mom


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