Preschool Graduation…Blah blah blah

Preschool-Graduation-Party-IdeasMy Facebook and Instagram have been inundated with endless cap and gown graduation pics. No, not high school graduation, but PRESCHOOL commencement.

Caps, gowns, cakes, certificates, graduation favors, professionally planned celebrations…the whole shebang. I hate to be Debbie Downer, but am I the only who doesn’t  feel the weight of the world hinging on a PreK celebration?

B had a wonderful preschool experience and gained great social skills, confidence, and many friends.  Having gone through it with Mo I really don’t remember it being such an ordeal as I am seeing now.

OOMF asked what we were gonna do to celebrate B’s graduation. I was like “What do you mean? He’s 5. He’ll prolly wanna watch Scooby Doo, punch Mo, and go to sleep.” Lol

There are 2 preschools around the corner from my house and I’ve been watching the endless processional of parents and extended family carrying flowers and “Congratulations Graduate” balloon bouquets.

Lets be honest, preschool graduation is another one of those occasions where it’s more for the parents than the kids. You know, like baby’s 1st birthday we all went overboard for that Lil Jerome doesn’t even remember.  3746_preschool_graduation_card-r1d461f908b2242aa951dd01774478c33_xvuat_8byvr_512Or those mommy and me classes we took just to get out of the house to help socialize baby.

The post preschool festivities have gained momentum over the years and seem to be growing into a big event. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll come eat up some cake at your party I think it’s a great milestone to transition into higher learning, but hopefully Lil Jerome mastered finger painting and patty cake. Woo hoo!!!

Maybe my subtle enthusiasm is because this is my 2nd child going through preschool, who knows.

I am more excited about B finishing preschool and moving on to the next chapter. Come on….we’re talking kindergarten now.  That means longer hours and my boys being on the same school campus together. THAT makes me smile 🙂

I have some mommy moments where I like to hang on to my kids’ youth, but when it comes to education, I ebulliently stream them forward.

No grand hooray or cap and gown PreK celebrations over here. Graduate high school straight A’s without being suspended or impregnating anyone, THEN we’ll talk some Mylar balloons and fanfare.

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