5 Reasons I Dislike Mariah Carey’s New Song

Mariah Carey songI must start off by professing my love and adoration of Mariah Carey. I love Mimi so much that she has an entire blog category dedicated to her greatness. I’ve been a longstanding member of her official fan club, Honey B. Fly. I’ve stalked seen her numerous times in concert.

…and here comes the “but”….BUT I was deeply disappointed when I heard her new song, Infinity. After 6 years of marriage, Mariah and soon to be ex-husband Nick Canon are going through a divorce. The diss anthem “Infinity” seems to take shots at Nickie. Mariah is no stranger to heartbreak anthems, she’s given us classics like Love Takes Time, Can’t Let Go, Someday, We Belong Together, I Don’t Wanna Cry, Shake It Off, and Always Be My Baby. However, Infinity really falls flat.

Here are 5 Reasons Why I’m Not A Fan Of Mimi’s New Song:

1. Trendsetter Not A Follower: Since the age of 18, Meems has written, produced, and done background vocals for the majority of her music. Mariah is known for her signature hand movements while singing. She has clearly influenced artists like Christina Aguilera and Ariana Grande. She was one of the first pop artists to collaborate with a rapper. She’s a musical leader. I get wanting to reach younger audiences but when I use generational lingo my kids say I sound like I’m trying too hard to be cool. Case and point with this song. Whoomp There It Is!

2. One Hit Wonder Feel: Mimi’s given us some good heartbreak anthems during her impressive 20 year career, so my expectations are high. The trite lyrics of Infinity may gel with Gen-Y, but in a couple of years it will sound silly and dated. Don’t neglect your original fan base. If you’re gonna do breakup songs, gimme something everlasting like Since U Been Gone, Cry Me A River, Don’t Speak, Irreplaceable, Burn, Someone Like You, Ex-Factor. THOSE are classics!

3. Mariah Is So Above This: Breakups have a way of turning you into a bitter Betty or a love philosopher. It’s easy to lose your way while mending your heart. Mimi is beautiful, talented, and intelligent. She’s sold over 200 million records worldwide. Heartache is painful and as an artist she expresses via creativity but come on, I would’ve preferred a new fragrance than this. She is a musical legend, an icon. I don’t want hateful mediocre songs to tarnish her legacy.

4. Where Is Her Management?: Someone in Camp Mariah had to know releasing this song wasn’t a good idea. Perhaps suggest a SPA DATE WITH ME Capri vacation to unwind instead of going into the studio with this emotional bit. Mariah just signed a multi-million dollar deal for a residency with Caesar’s Palace. She’s following the footsteps of another musical legend Celine Dion. This track reminds me more of a Floyd & Pac fight.

5. What About Dem Babies?: My biggest issue is THE KIDS. Sure, we will be told this song isn’t about Nick, IT’S JUST A SONG, but the timing seems precarious. As a mom who went through a divorce my key concern is always co-parenting. I want my kids to hold both parents in the most positive light. As parents our personal issues shouldn’t affect the kids. How do you explain such dreadful lyrics about their dad? You have to love your kids more than you hate your ex.

I don’t want to sound harsh but as Mimi’s unofficial BFF tough love is required sometimes. We’re talking about arguably the most successful female artist of our time. She’s broken records set by Elvis Presley and the Beatles (!). Of course I’ll still be in Vegas to see her show, I’ll continue to support her musical legacy and be on call 24/7 to babysit Dem Babies profess my undying love of her but Infinity is a pass for me. I’ll continue to keep one of my favorite albums Butterfly on replay.

You can listen to her new song HERE.

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