BOOYAH Stuart Scott

It is privilege to witness greatness.

While I’ve always loved sports, I didn’t always watch ESPN.  I remember one day flipping through the channels and seeing a young man talking sports with a fresh fade and high energy.  I had never seen anything like it.  I was used to seeing cardboard cutout talking heads, but Stu spoke to me!

I started watching SportsCenter regularly to see how Stuart Scott would make me laugh…then eventually I fell in love with sports highlights.

Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott was a trailblazer.

He revolutionized sports broadcasting.

He was one of the first to anchor sports with comedy, finesse & swag.

His sports legacy reminds me to never stifle my voice or adapt my personality.  Always be authentic.

His courage in fighting cancer reminds me to live every moment of life and love the ones sharing it with me.






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