My Appearance On The Doctors

Dr. RachaelI had a wonderful opportunity to appear as a guest on The Doctors.  I was brought together with one of my Facebook friends, Dr. Rachael on the show.  After being Facebook friends for a few years we finally met in person.

I loved talking about 2 of my favorite things: SOCIAL MEDIA & MOTHERHOOD.

Who says social media is a waste of time?!

After the show we had a coffee date and caught up on so many things we had merely read about each other.  I think I talked Rachael’s ear off, which is a great sign because we had a natural connection. 🙂

If you missed the show, you can get a glimpse of my cool tattoo our coffee date HERE.



Big thank you to everyone affiliated with The Doctors and Paramount lot.  They treated me like I was Julia Roberts. I even had my own huge dressing room (No Diva 🙂 ). Lol

AHotMama The Doctors

Dr. Travis

The Doctors

The Doctors


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