Can’t-Miss Takeaway From Leaked Celebrity Nudes

Jennifer Lawrence The country is in an uproar about celebrities being hacked and their nude photos exposed to the world.

The media has been very supportive of the outrage.

Yes, this must be a difficult time for them and yes, it is definitely an invasion of privacy.

However, I can’t help but wonder would the media and public have the same response if Kim K, Rihanna, or Miley were hacked?

Comedian Ricky Gervais tweeted a sensible thought on the issue of celebrity nude photos:

Ricky GervaisHe quickly deleted the Tweet after being attacked for “victim shaming”. Hmm…would the moral police come to the defense of Kim K, Rihanna or Miley if they were hacked and their nude photos were leaked?  What’s the difference…public image?  The same issues of privacy violation should exist.

There’s a can’t miss takeaway from leaked celebrity nudes: Perception is everything.  America’s Sweethearts Jennifer Lawrence, Hilary Duff, and Kate Upton were violated so this is a terrible act.

Vanessa WilliamsDoes anyone remember back in 1984 when nude photos of the 1st black Miss America Vanessa Williams were leaked?  Nessa was stripped of her Miss America crown and humiliated.  Where was her public sympathy?

Instead she was shunned, labeled, and branded with the Scarlet Letter by society.  Kudos to Vanessa, she worked hard despite the public flogging and went on to earn an Emmy, Tony, and Grammy.

Nudes leaking to the public isn’t new to celebrities.  A couple years ago Vanessa Hudgens, Christina Aguilera, and Mila Kunis had nude photos leaked online without permission.  There were no sex crimes claims or FBI, instead it was written off as a “scandal.”

Kickstarter, Target, Snapchat, PlayStation all hacked.  Multi million dollar corporations…did they get any sympathy?  I remember everyone snarling, “they need better security, they should take better measures to protect information.”

We live in an age of rapid technology.  Unfortunately we need to assume the worst can happen.  Texts don’t simply “disappear”, images on the internet don’t ever “go away”, and yes, people hack into the most high level security systems and take information.  If you’re in the public eye you’re an even easier target.

I love Jennifer Lawrence. I’m #TeamKatniss all the way but I find it ironic how the media and public choose their darlings and they can do no wrong.  They also pick their villains who can never do any right.  I’m a little confused though, what cause is everyone standing up for?  If the same terrible situation happened to a different crop of women, there would be a totally different response.



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