How To Tinder

Tinder tipsMoms are always asking me about online dating.

I’ve never tried it but OOMF told me about Tinder.  It sounded fun and ideal for busy moms who really don’t have the time or energy to get out and about to meet folks.

Being an overanalyzer, I did vast research like I was writing a thesis while figuring out how to Tinder (already valued at $500 million).  I read many articles talking about how Tinder is fun and unlike most dating websites.  After I used it a few days I agree.  It feels very much like a game app as opposed to what I’ve read about some of the more traditional dating sites.  Marketing group SourceM conducted a survey regarding why people Tinderand discovered curiosity and entertainment were the top two reason.



If you’re interested, here are some points of consideration to get you started…


How To Tinder

1. It’s connected to your Facebook. This is good and bad. It uses your first name, profile pic, and age (from your FB birthdate).

Good- You can see if you have common friends and similar like interests. Having congruent friends can provide a nice frame of reference for a quick “background check”.

Bad- I’ve had a few Tinder folks find me on Facebook (no idea how since they only have my first name) and send me a friend request. Kinda creepy. TIP: Don’t do this.

2. Set up your profile.  There’s no complicated questionnaire, you simply write a bio and use 5 pictures. You select photos from your Facebook albums.

TIP: Before you sign up for Tinder make sure you have your desired photo as your FB profile pic.  It will automatically default as your main Tinder pic and is hard to change.  The other 4 photos are simple to switch up.

3. Select parameters.  It’s very basic.  You get 3 categories to specify preferences:


-age range

-geographic radius you want to get matches from.  Tinder uses the GPS on your electronic device to find matches within your specified requests.

TIP: Many say Gen-Y uses Tinder merely to hook up. Be realistic. If that’s what you’re looking for, stick with a younger age range.  If you’re looking for something more meaningful or just want to chat and make new friends go with a more mature age range. Let people know up front so no one’s time is wasted.

4. Keep it fun.  This is the best part of Tinder.  It has a very laid back feel, mostly because everyone uses humor and creativity in their bio and the 5 photos they’ve selected.  If you take it too seriously or try too hard you probably won’t get a lot of matches.

TIP: Save the trite quotes for Instagram memes. Yes, we all want to “live, laugh, love” but express it in a fun way. You get one shot on Tinder. Once someone swipes you away you don’t reappear.

5. The swipe. When you log on Tinder generates individual profiles of people who meet your 3 criteria. You’re shown a profile pic. You can click the info key to see all 5 pics and read their bio. After that you have 2 options: either swipe left if you’re not interested or swipe right if you like the person.  Here’s the  cool part, if that person also swiped right on YOUR profile then you get a notification that you’ve matched and you can chat on the app.  If that person swiped left on your profile you won’t be notified.

TIP: Don’t use Tinder more than 10 minutes at a time.  After you’ve seen a few profiles your standards either get a lot higher or a lot lower.  Tinder with moderation.


1. DO NOT post pics of you with other women!!! You’d be surprised at how many men post pics with someone of the opposite sex. Major turnoff. Like, why are you here? Are you over your ex? Are you trying to make yourself look better by association w/someone pretty? Makes no sense.

2. I won’t take you seriously if all 5 pics are of you partying in a club with a drink in hand.

3. An empty bio is an automatic LEFT SWIPE.  Makes me think you’re lazy and not creative.

4. If you right swipe a person but don’t get matched DO NOT seek her out on another form of social media. She left swiped because she wasn’t interested. Pursuing her beyond Tinder is borderline stalking.

5. I won’t message a guy first. If I match with someone I will wait til he messages me. Who says there can’t be chivalry on a social media app?


tinder tips

1. I’ve used it less than a week but it can be fun.  Since all my friends are married, they like to Tinder for me and grab my phone and sift through profiles…then I’m left to clean up the mess! lol

2. It’s what you make of it.  You decide if you’re using it for networking, marketing, dating, hookups, friendship, or just flat out bored.  Don’t take it too seriously.  I’ve probably left swiped 250 profiles and liked 10.  Out of the 10, I’ve had a meaningful chat with 2.

3. I don’t go out and I’m not a dater.  Tinder makes it fast, easy & painless to weed out people you’re not interested in.  For the initial stages, it’s a much more efficient use of my time as opposed to getting childcare for the kids, dressing up, and going out to a bar/restaurant. Social scenes seem so forced.

4. All kinds of characters. Since I’m in Los Angeles my Tinder base is mainly full of actors, models, musicians, personal trainers and lawyers.  You would be surprised at how many D-Listers well known people I’ve come across on Tinder.

5. I have a soft spot for a man with kids.  Something about seeing photos of a man playing with his child or reading about his devotion to them makes me a little weak…

6. Tinder with caution. Once you match and chat with someone use the same discretion you would if you met them at a bar, grocery store, or park.  Just because you’ve sent a few texts doesn’t make you besties.  If you meet make sure you drive yourself, let a friend know your whereabouts, and don’t give out your address.

Whether you’re looking for a Tinderoni, Tinderella, Tinder Lovin, or just curious…it’s fun to try something new.  If you’re a skeptic, try it once.  It takes less than 3 minutes to set up a profile. If it’s not for you, delete it. Yes, many people like to meet with good ole face to face interaction but hey…times are a-changing. What do you have to lose?  …Ya never know!!!

How to Tinder


How to Tinder



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