5 Lessons Kids Learn From Grandparents

Grandparent lessonsWhen I had my first son my mom and I somewhat butted heads. That’s an understatement. My mom used the ole, “I raised YOU so I MUST know what I’m doing.

I’m not sure if it was a Gemini/Aries thing, mother/daughter thing, hormones, or what…but she had her ideas on child rearing and I had mine.

Neither one of us was intent on backing down.

Fortunately, another child and a few years later things have changed.  I still hold strong to my parenting philosophy but I have learned to listen to healthy advice.  My mom has also adjusted to seeing her “little girl” transform into a mom of 2.

Having children is a daily learning experience and I’ve grown to appreciate the value of a grandparent/child relationship.

Here are 5 Lessons Kids Learn From Grandparents:




Lets face it, times have changed drastically over the years, some good, some not so great.  Our parents lived through the Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam War, Motown, Doo Wop, economic turmoil, and political assassinations.  They can educate us about resilience, love, and strength from these experiences and how they’ve seen the world evolve. Grandparents can share stories textbooks don’t teach.



Grandparents see no wrong in their grandchildren. What’s wrong with that? The element of unconditional love from a family member can be great for a child to experience. It’s a wonderful boost in self confidence.  Mom and dad constantly preach the “do’s & dont’s” to children.  The cruel world will always remind kids of their flaws. But grandma & grandpa will find a silver lining in everything Little Johnny does. Your child will always have a safe place to feel valued.



When it comes to our kids, sometimes we see them how we want to see them and not as they are.  Having a second opinion from a loved one can give you great insight to aspects of your child you might oversee or not want to see.  Grandparents can recognize similar traits and experiences they might have seen in you as child.  Put your pride aside. Embrace the outside opinion, especially if it means your child will benefit and grow from it.




We are often told to know our roots.  Ancestry is a part of who you are.  Michael Crichton said, “If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree.”  Family matriarchs & patriarchs can share invaluable information about bloodline, culture, and ancestry.  This information can help instill a sense of continuum into your child’s future endeavors. It can excite, motivate, and give a sense of belonging.  History helps to tell our story.


Grandparent lessons

The traditional values of an era before social media, reality tv & Miley Cyrus can be rich in life lessons.  The generation before us can write the book on work ethic, commitment, and values. You ofter hear complaints how our children are growing up too privileged and spoiled. Grandparents can share stories of life with no tv, coming home before the street lights came on, walking to school in hazardous conditions, having multiple part time jobs, and so much more…

With age comes wisdom.  If your child is lucky enough to have grandparents in his life, let that relationship flourish.  They will gain invaluable experiences that no summer camp, Disneyland trip, private school, or playdate could ever reciprocate.

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