The Hottest Soccer Players In The World

Every 4 years the greatest sporting event in the world occurs. Hot guys with tats, pecs, 6 packs, and hair better than me run around with their shirt off. THANK YOU LAWD!!!

This momentous event is a gift to Soccer Moms Gone Wild around the globe. This is the World Cup!!!

If you’re not up on soccer I take it as my womanly duty (and AHOTMAMA namesake) to put you up on the greatest sport in all the land. I searched long and hard to bring you the hottest soccer players. Here are 10 reasons you need to watch the 2014 World Cup.


Cristiano Ronaldo

Easily the most recognized abs face in soccer. Sorry ladies, he’s spoken for. Ronaldo and I recently shot a cover for Vogue Magazine. Although some crazy lady named Irina keeps stalking my man, he’s all mine.

Ronaldo Vogue

2. SERGIO ROMERO, Argentina

SERGIO-ROMERO-2 Sergio+Romero Argentina+v+Nigeria+Group+B+2010+FIFA+World+N-GUk4rxX7KlShort hair, braids, long hair don’t care….this 6’4 soccer stallion can rock it all!!! This goalie’s definitely got it.



The 6’4 Arsenal striker will be flexing for France in the World Cup. French fries and macarons never looked this yummy.


Glen Johnson

They say defense wins the game. This fullback has all the right moves.

5. SAMI KHEDIRA, Germany

Sami Khedira

The midfielder gets his great looks from his Tunisian mother and German father. Hmm…I’m part German. I hope we’re related. No….wait!!!

6. HULK, Brazil



He’s got speed, power, and a killer left foot. Lou Ferrigno ain’t got nothing on him!


Graham Zusi

Zusi is a Florida midfielder and putting the US on the map as far as soccer locks are concerned. USA! USA!

8. Mike Havenaar, Japan


At 6’4 (do you see a pattern here?) Mike speaks 3 languages, English, Dutch, and Japanese. Oh, and the striker rocks on the field too.

9. Kyle Beckerman, USA

kyle beckerman

There’s a new Becks in town and he’s tatted, rocking dreads, and a USMNT uni. This midfielder has a commanding on field presence.

10. The entire Spain World Cup team!








Spain won the 2010 World Cup and also takes the cake for  HOTTEST team. Sergio Ramos, Gerard Pique, David Villa, Cesc Fabregas, Diego Costa, Iker Casillas…the list goes on. Not to mention the hottest goalie ehverrr Victor Valdes. Poor baby is out with an ACL tear but hopefully he’ll be rocking a suit on the sidelines.

PHEW!!! This was by far the hardest blog I’ve ever written. Do you know how many photos I had to scour through to bring you an accurate representation?! I couldn’t let you down. There you have it ladies….10 great reasons to tune into the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Let the games begin!!!


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