I Hate Porta Potties

Over the years I’ve amassed a handful of talents. After birthing 2 kids I discovered I could pee when I sneeze. Thank you children.  Eventually that talent grew into being able to hold my pee for extended periods of time. *APPLAUSE*

This amazing feat has particularly come in handy during long soccer tourney weekends on the road.  However, with show stopping talents also comes a couple of vices; one of them is porta potties.  I seriously can’t stand them. Don’t think there’s anything more disgusting than an enclosed pooper trapper, especially after a zillion kids and nomads have blindly used it.

When it comes down to pottying on the go I’m reminded how thankful I am to be able to hold my urges for extended periods of time.  I”m also thankful my carefree boys will whiz basically anywhere.  I’d rather get a bikini wax while watching the horrendous 2011-2-012 LSU bama National Championship game than have to take my kids into a rectangular crapper. While B didn’t seem to mind relieving himself in the funky poop closet I got caught trying to stomach my breakfast.

Porta potty

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