Mother’s Love Is The Only Unconditional Love

Mother's dayRecently I was looking at old childhood photos to post for #TBT.  As I sifted through pictures of my ballet recitals, Girl Scout meetings, 4-H competitions, cheerleading camp, piano lessons, and a ton of disastrous fashion mishaps I thought “Wow. I was a really dorky kid.”

However, I never felt uncool at the time.  In fact, I was confident in all my choices as a child primarily because my mom didn’t tear me down or discourage my next greatest idea.  She did the exact opposite, always encouraging me to go for my dreams and try new things.

Then it hit me, none of these activities interested my mom but she supported me throughout.  She was always present in some form and never threw shade at whatever awkward phase I was going through.  After the ever changing childhood stages came the rebellious years and bad decisions.  I blush as I reminisce on some of my adolescent escapades.

Regardless of my failures and arrests mistakes, my parents were always there. My mom never shamed me, but always offered loving support. Her parental wisdom consisted of the foresight that I was learning from each mistake which would eventually lead to personal growth.  Talk about patience!  I now appreciate and understand that concept. I hope to be this same shining example for my kids.

Raising a child with unconditional love means accepting Little Johnny without conditions.  It is complete love and true altruism.  I think the only TRUE unconditional love is that for a child. When you’re in a relationship you say you unconditionally love the person, but romantic love is conditional. If your spouse hits you, hurts you, lies to you, breaks promises…someone wanting a healthy union would eventually RUN walk away from that toxic environment.

On the other hand, if a child does any of those things (and he will) it’s almost like your love intensifies for him. You might get upset but the love doesn’t fade and you don’t leave. Quite the contrary. You wanna be there more for your child despite the pain, to guide and reassure him.


So on Mother’s Day pay respect to the woman who has loved you without fear, restrictions  or stipulations.  The woman who taught you not to leave the screen door open because it lets the cool air out and flies in.  The woman who was there for you during your first heartbreak.  The woman who knew how to make you better when you were sick.  The woman who will always love you like her baby despite your age. The woman who no matter how much you felt like a failure found a way to uplift you.

No one will love you like mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mom and all the moms out there.

Your unconditional love for your child is an eternal gift.

“When you look into your mother’s eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth.” -Mitch Albom

Happy Mother's Day


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