Charity Ball, Soccer Charity Founded By 10 Year Old

Charity BallWhen Ethan King was 10 years old he founded an organization, Charity Ball.  During a trip to Mozambique with his father to rehabilitate water wells Ethan was in disbelief seeing what the children used for a soccer ball.  He witnessed kids playing futbol with wrapped twigs and tattered balls.  He decided to help.

Four years later Ethan and professional soccer player Neven Subotic of Germany’s Borussia Dortmund’s star in a documentary “Pass The Ball”. The short film follows them to rural Mozambique as they distribute soccer balls to a place where most families live on $1 a day.

It’s great to see people make a difference.  It’s magical to see children help other children.  Ethan’s efforts are admirable.  Charity Ball sounds like a great organization.  Here’s why I love his foundation:

1. The power of positive role models speaks volumes. I love that he started it while traveling with his father on a mission to help others.

2. Sports are a universal language.  Regardless of dialect people can unite and find common ground based on athletics.

3. One person CAN make in a difference.

4. Love knows no color.


It looks like Ethan has a bright future whatever route he chooses.

You can check out Charity Ball’s website HERE.

Read about and view “Pass The Ball” HERE.

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