The SEC Network Commercials

SEC NetworkOn August 14, 2014 the world as we know it will be enhanced. Well, at least for SEC fans.  ESPN will kickoff the first network solely dedicated to a college conference.  It’s quite fitting that this honor is bestowed upon the SEC!!!

To further gear up excitement and enlighten the other losing conferences the SEC Network launched a #14Schools14Stories campaign. The “Take It All In” ads feature commercials of all 14 SEC schools.

My favorite thing overall is how the SEC chant fades in at the end of all the commercials. This should be a national anthem.  However, there was a notable lack of diversity in many of the ads. As a 2 school SEC alum I’d like to see more minority representation.

I was watching all these ads like they were Tom Cruise movie trailers! The internet went abuzz with everyone ranking them. Here’s my breakdown:

14. Missouri Tigers

Apparently you spell Missouri M-I-Z-Z-O-U..…Z-z-zzz-…I’m so confused. Plus I didn’t see any ethnic people featured on this ad…

13. Vandy Commodores

If it’s any consolation, “Brick House” is one of my favorite songs.

12. Tennessee Vols


I could’ve sworn that baby was covering his ears during half of “Rocky Top.”

11. Florida Gators

Even after explaining proper chomping technique a Gator fan does it wrong at 24 seconds. Tsk Tsk. And no jorts???

10. Arkansas Razorbacks

I love the Ar-Kansas line, but the pigs freaked me out. I don’t eat pork. Except bacon.

9. Auburn Tigers

All that toilet paper is kinda creepy. Who cleans it up?! I hope it’s not good Charmin.

8. Mississippi State Bulldogs

I love the bleachers tradition but, not one single ethnic person?

7. Texas A&M Aggies

Can’t hate on the cute pup.

6. Kentucky Wildcats

A nice reminder that the SEC is pretty badass in basketball too. Loved the 3-D basketball court. It doesn’t really do that, does it????

5. South Carolina Gamecocks

I had fun freeze framing on COCKS!!!!

4. Alabama Crimson Tide

No fair-they used Bear Bryant!  My son loved screaming “Look at the tic tac toes” pointing at the checkerboard/houndstooth.

3. University of Georgia Bulldogs

Seeing Herschel Walker bulldoze his opponents still gives me chills. Would have loved UGA’s cute face and the hedges though.

2. Ole Miss Rebels

Wilson Pickett, tasty food (did u see the multi colored chocolate covered strawberries?!…So cute!), and by far the best dressed students featured, loved the bow ties …Ole Miss gets it right. The Grove shows everyone a glimpse into an SEC tailgate experience!

1. LSU Tigers

Only LSU can showcase true SWAG! Loved the bayou flava, Mike the Tiger (because having a Tiger on campus is pretty badass)…I like Guru & Donald Byrd’s Loungin, but would’ve enjoyed background music by a Louisiana rapper, so many choices: Weezie, Boosie, Baby, Juvie, T.Tucker…the list geauxs on. All in all well done Tigers.

There you have it. Make sure you tune into the SEC Network for all your SEC action. *cues SEC chant* SEC, SEC, SEC!!!!

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