Pele And Cristiano Ronaldo Star In Emirates Ad

We may never see Pele and Ronaldo go toe to toe on the soccer field but we can see a battle of their charm, wit and smiles in a new tv ad. Emirates has a new commercial featuring the two dashing soccer greats.

I love this ad. It’s brilliant. It opens with Ronaldo admiring himself in a magazine featuring…himself. He overhears an older duo’s convo about spotting one of the greatest soccer players on their plane. He flashes his priceless smile assuming they’re talking about him. Pele enters and we realize they’re referring to the Brazillian great (although when they say “he’s won 3 World Cups” soccer fans know it’s not Ronaldo bc he hasn’t won a World Cup [yet] 🙁 ).

As Pele and my baby daddy Ronaldo exchange glances a younger fan asks for a photo with Ronaldo, oblivious to Pele handing him the camera.

I love the irony how these #AllTimeGreats are humbled and brought down to earth while flying thousands of miles high in the sky.

Pele wins for greatest laugh. Ronaldo wins for best smile (which took zero acting). However, Emirates wins for sexiest showing. As a huge Ronaldo ran it would take an amazing Emirates A380 fancy smacy plane to distract me from his HOTNESS. WOW! This plane comes complete with a shower, bar lounge, wood paneling, supreme lighting, tufted leather…it’s gorgeous. I’ve gotta stop flying Southwest.

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