National Siblings Day

National Sibling dayApparently April 10 is a holiday other than Babyface’s birthday.

According to every outlet of social media, it’s National Siblings Day. Facebook timelines and Instagram feeds were flooded with sibling photos. #NationalSiblingsDay has been trending on Twitter for 2 days.

Did I miss the memo? We all know we have never heard of this til recently. Lol Or is it just me?! Apparently it’s more than just a “social media holiday”. NSD is the brainchild of Claudia Evart, founder of Siblings Day Foundation. She lost her siblings early in life and April 10 is the birthday of her late sister.

According to their Facebook page:

Since 1998, 77 governors of 45 states have signed gubernatorial proclamations, including six former governors who became White House cabinet members – Janet Napolitano of AZ, Tom Ridge of PA, Bill Richardson of NM, Christine Todd Whitman of NJ, Tommy Thompson of WI and Gary Locke of WA. These governors alone represent more than 84 percent of the American population and all are in favor of the establishment of this day. (The five remaining states include Montana which has legislation prohibiting the issuance of gubernatorial proclamations).

So, shall we all mark our calendars for future reference?

Siblings can have some of the fiercest fights and annoy each other to no end. They know each other the best and what buttons to push. But the beautiful thing is siblings also share an unspoken connection. They love and understand each other in a way no one can duplicate.

Jobs, friends, lovers, and problems all come and go but siblings are forever.

Seeing the brotherly love between my boys has convinced me that there is no greater influential force in a child’s life than that of a sibling.  I’ve enjoyed watching my boys grow up. No matter how many times Mo hides B’s favorite toy or B fake cries just to get Mo in trouble they share a special bond. Mo is over protective of little bro and B wants nothing more than to be exactly like his big brother.

Happy National Siblings Day everyone!!!

National Siblings Day


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