Cesar Chavez Day

A funny story that happened a couple years ago:

Getting Mo to school is like my daily mommy boot camp.

It’s almost mandatory to go into General Nora role to complete all the morning tasks.

Get up early, make breakfast, pack his lunch, wake Mo, wake B, get B ready, get myself ready, get out the door. FAST.

Brave 40 minutes of LA traffic (while praying the boys keep the backseat bickering to a minimum).

Please let there be some good songs on the radio to wake me up!

Fridays are usually slightly easier. Less traffic, so the ride is smoother. Not such a race against against the clock.

Last Friday, we were off to a great start. Boys woke up happy and got out the door without incident or me barking too many orders.

When I pulled up to school quite a few minutes early and obviously beating the morning drop off rush, I FELT LIKE  A CHAMP! *hair toss*

But wait, why is the school gate closed? Are we THAT early? Where are all the buses?

Hmm…the schoolyard is empty.

Then Mo takes his backpack off and breaks the silence, “Oh yeah mom, we don’t have school today.”


So many thoughts ran through my head. To keep from strangling him, all I could do was laugh.

I should have known school was out.

I’m usually on top of things. But hey, it happens, we all forget things.

Between all their playdates, field trips, sports events, homework, and so on, this one just slipped.

Instead of griping about it, we made a fun morning of it. We stopped at a breakfast spot, and ended up having a great morning together (minus the part when B went crazy when he dropped his drink, the loud singing of “Baby Got Back”, and Mo getting stung by a bee).

On the ride home, I heard radio announcers say Happy Cesar Chavez Day.

I realized that every March 31 is a National Holiday for California (1995), Colorado (2003), and Texas (2000).

We celebrate the achievements of Cesar Chavez on his birthday.

He fought for fair wages, improved education, equal rights and social justice for the Latino community.

As a State Senator Barack Obama has pushed for this day to become a National Holiday. In 2008, he said,

“Chavez left a legacy as an educator, environmentalist, and a civil rights leader. And his cause lives on. As farm workers and laborers across America continue to struggle for fair treatment and fair wages, we find strength in what Cesar Chavez accomplished so many years ago. And we should honor him for what he’s taught us about making America a stronger, more just, and more prosperous nation. That’s why I support the call to make Cesar Chavez’s birthday a national holiday. It’s time to recognize the contributions of this American icon to the ongoing efforts to perfect our union.”

As President, Mr. Obama continues to push for March 31 to become a National Holiday and urges people to celebrate with service, community, and educational programs to honor Cesar Chavez’s legacy.

After realizing this, Mo and I did a little research about Mr. Chavez. I pointed out some basic facts and Mo enjoyed browsing his pictures online. We vowed to do better next year.

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