School Drop Off

school drop offSchool drop off line is heaven sent!

A few years ago I had to wake up before the birds, trek over the Hill, and take Mo to school.  I discovered the wonder of drop off line. After waking up a toddler and getting Mo ready for school, some mornings I wouldn’t have time to brush my hair, get out of pjs, or even brush my teeth (it happens).  That’s where drop off line comes in.

You whiz up in your whip and a nice lady opens the door, your kid jumps out w/a swift “I Love You” and you’re on your way!!! No parking, walking in, school politics….just drop and go.  It was great.

When we transferred to our new school it was close enough to walk so no more waking up 2 hours before school to get ready.  However when volunteers were asked to help kids get safely and quickly into school I went full on safety patrol/mall cop!!!

What I Learned Working School Drop Off:

1. My car isn’t the dirtiest car in America.  Although my kids often complain about my dirty car, I’ve realized it really isn’t.  It made me feel better seeing so many other cars with Goldfish, cookie crumbs, Capri Sun pouches, and old napkins on the floor.

2. Moms in pjs ROCK! It’s not easy holding down a fort.  Some mornings run more smoothly than others and there are times you just gotta run out of the house without dressing to get the kids to school on time. That my friends is SACRIFICE!!!

3. Hearing kids and parents say “I LOVE YOU” is just the sweetest thing! Those last minute kisses and goodbyes made my day.  Seeing the look on kids’ faces after an encouraging word from mom or dad proves it makes their day too and starts their morning on a positive note.

4. Lots of smells. Every car seems to have it’s own odor.  As I open car doors I’m hit with various scents: new car, air freshener, soccer practice funk, fast food, and even a lingering whiff of MJ (it is Cali, and we have legalized medicinal MJ dispenseries).

5. The power of the minivan. Minivans have come a loooOoong way.  I can’t count how many times someone barked “DON’T TOUCH THE DOOR!! IT OPENS AUTOMATICALLY.” All I have to do is stand and wait for the kid to jump out. The press of the magic button and I’m welcomed into the magical minivan oasis: flat screens, high technology, endless cupholders…soccer moms are on to something!


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