Bruno Mars Is A Super Bowl MVP

Bruno Mars Super BowlI’m a huge Bruno Mars fan so I was really looking forward to seeing his Super Bowl 48 halftime performance.  I was fortunate to be at one of his first live shows he ever put on as an artist.  The moment I saw the show in October 2010 I knew he’d be a star.  I told all my friends about this wonderful and talented up and coming artist and how he’d change music…they just politely smiled.

Fast forward three and a half years later, Bruno Mars scores the most-watched Super Bowl Halftime Show ever  with 115.3 million viewers. Madonna had 114.0 million.  When you consider the career span many past performers (The Who, Bruce Springsteen, Janet Jackson, Prince, U2, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney) super-bowl-football-1have had Bruno is a relative newcomer to the stage.  In 4 years Mars has sold 10 million albums, won 2 Grammy awards, and has five number one singles.

He rocked the Super Bowl stage like a music vet!!! I thoroughly enjoyed his performance but I loved the fact that I watched it with my kids and they enjoyed it just as much if not more.

His Super Bowl stint generated 2.2 million tweets during the 12-minute show as well as many accolades from fellow performers. It was definitely the highlight of the Super Bowl for me.

Mo and B kept rewinding the DVR to watch his performance.  They got so rallied up singing “Locked Out Of Heaven”.  They started jumping off the couch and singing so I sent them to their room for the 3rd quarter.  Sorry boys.

Bruno Mars Super Bowl

As a mom really loved the show and sharing it with my kids. Why I loved his performance:

1. Children! It opened with kids singing.

2. Ready to wear. He was dressed in something I would approve my kids to wear.  He wasn’t sagging his pants to his ankles or running around in a thong.

3. Kid friendly lyrics.  My boys knew most of his songs and happily sang alone.

4. Old school vibe.  He had an 8 piece band modeled after the old Motown style.  He was impeccably dressed in a gold lame jacket and tuxedo pants.

5. Moves like Jagger.  Bruno’s dance moves were reminiscent of James Brown and just good clean fun.  No twerking, gyrating, or humping around.

6. Red Hot Chili Peppers.  He brought out the band, now in their 50s who ironically performed with their shirts off.  Yeah baby!!!!

7. Miliarty tribute.  His final song “Just the Way You Are,” featured cameos from American troops giving shout outs to loved ones from overseas.

8. Something for everyone.  No matter what kind of music you listen to, Bruno Mars had a little flavor for everyone:  60s doo wop, Motown, 70s disco funk, 80s pop, rock, and even a flash modern hip-hop.

The Super Bowl was a blowout with Seattle toppling Denver 43-8 but Bruno Mars was the true MVP.

You can view the performance HERE.

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