Richard Sherman Is Not A Thug

Richard ShermanI’m a sports fan, but always a mom first.  I am appalled at the criticism and name calling of Richard Sherman concerning his post game interview.

In the NFC Championship game, with less than 30 seconds on the clock Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman made possibly one of the grandest game saving plays of his career.  He was covering a long time rival wide receiver.  He was playing against his former college coach.  He had his home crowd Seattle fans cheering wildly behind him.  This play ultimately sent his team to the Super Bowl, a feat many professional athletes work their entire career for and never achieve.

Richard Sherman Erin AndrewsSeconds after this adrenaline filled moment, Sherman is ushered on the sideline to do an interview with Erin Andrews.  She asks him to describe the final play.

He gave an explosive, brash, and passionate answer in the heat of the moment action.  He’s playing FOOTBALL, not a card game…please expect intense emotion.  He didn’t curse or talk about your mama, he expressed his feelings.  Many fans were appalled at his answer and immediately took to social media calling him a thug, bully, and a slew of racial slurs.

As a fan, it is a privilege to experience the intimate encounters of a sport beyond just watching the game; to hear a player mic’d up in the huddle, to go behind the scenes in a locker room, to get in a player’s head minutes after a big play.  For us to judge a man sharing his in the moment experience is insane.

Moments after the high octane Erin Andrews moment Sherman did a couple other sit down interviews.  He was more mellow as he reflected on the game.  Clearly, we got a better idea of who Richard Sherman is minus his athletic passion seconds after an intense 3 hour football game.

Richard Sherman gave a candid response seconds after an emotional game..looking forward to a great Super Bowl matchup.-Erin Andrews

Athletes are fierce competitors by nature.  Everyone reacts and expresses their passion differently.  Just because Sherman didn’t comment as Peyton Manning would, that doesn’t make him a bad guy.  Fans always want an in depth athletic experience but when an athlete doesn’t react in a manner they can relate to, they turn to criticism.

Wake up AMERICA! We all walk in different shoes during our journey.  Everyone doesn’t think the same, talk the same, express emotion the same.  Try to understand this difference, not ridicule it.  Sherman later issued an apology for his statement and also penned his feelings for a column he contributes to which you can read HERE.

Richard Sherman grew up in Compton, CA  a city infested with drugs, gangs, and violence.  He rose above it all and graduated second in his high school class with a 4.1 GPA.  He was the first Dominguez High School player in over 20 years to be offered a scholarship to Stanford.  He even pushed his teammates to excel in the classroom as well, “I’m helping them study for the SAT. A lot of people come in blind in what they need to know, not knowing one day they could be a top college prospect.” 

Sherman went on to graduate with a 3.9 GPA from Stanford and began working on his Master’s Degree.

Hardly sounds like thug life.

Richard Sherman is active in his charity, Blanket Coverage which his brother serves as President.

You can follow Blanket Coverage The Richard Sherman Foundation on Facebook to see all the wonderful contributions he is making in the community off the field.

Before you continue to call Richard Sherman derogatory names , please take a look at him and his family delivering  Christmas gifts to 9 families via his Blanket Coverage foundation.

In the future, lets do better as fans.  Post game interviews give us a glimpse into what it’s like to be a passion filled competitor.  We all react and perform differently.  To call Richard Sherman a thug and racial slurs shows your complete lack of character, not his. A post game in the moment interview doesn’t define the man, it defines the moment.

**UPDATE** Check out Crabtree and Sherman mic’d up highlights during the game.  It’s so great to be able to experience the game on in the inside.

**UPDATE** Richard Sherman wrote an informative article, “10 Things I Learned After America Learned About Me”. Read it HERE.

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