Riding A Horse Changed My Love Life

Horse rideIt is a common misconception that horseback riding merely consists of mounting a horse, sitting there and then letting him do all the work. Riding a horse requires balance, coordination, flexibility and a lot of legwork.

It is also a mental workout; it requires freeing your mind and getting in tune with the horse. When you ride, you form a bond and develop an emotional connection with each journey.

As a novice, I practice with different horses in an effort to become a better rider. Initially, becoming an equestrian was a way for me to enjoy the outdoors. I never expected to learn life lessons from the experience. However, one day a horse changed the way I looked at my love life. As I straddled the large and powerful beast, I instantly felt his commanding presence. While we cantered along a trail, I connected with his poise, spirit, beauty and grace. His quiet confidence exuded freedom. On top of him, I felt regal and divine, as if I could conquer the world. It was like the earth sang with every trot.

This was a feeling I never felt before. Riding the other horses was routine and basic, but this — this was extraordinary. The omnipresence of this horse reflected how I wanted to feel with a man. I felt safe with this horse, aptly named King.  I felt a sense of security knowing that I could close my eyes and King would safely steer me to my destination.  I could trust him, a natural born leader with his head held high.  I felt limitless on top of his back; his fortitude radiated through my spirit. We were a team guiding one another, making each other better.

Riding horses in general is an amazing experience, but the sense of empowerment I gained from King was unparalleled. The gentle giant reminded me that a true “King” will someday bring out my inner queen.


**If you want a great place to ride in LA, I’ve been riding horses from Rocken P Outfitters.  Their horses are great and the guides are super cool.  They have reasonable rates and post specials to their Facebook page.

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