Derrick Coleman Duracell Ad

derrick colemanAs an MBA student I’m always interested in marketing and campaigns.  One of my favorite is the Pantene  #WhipIt ad which breaks down gender stereotypes.  I like when companies stand for something other than their product.

I’d put the new Duracell “Trust the power within” ad up there too in my favorites list.  It’s very inspirational and makes me wanna replace all our 99 Cent store batteries with the copper top.

Seattle Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman stars in the ad.  He tells his story of being deaf and playing football.  The former UCLA standout is the first legally deaf offensive player in NFL history.  He’s been deaf since the age of 3 due to an incurable genetic hearing impairment.

He was undrafted out of UCLA despite rushing for over 1,200 yards and scoring 16 touchdowns in his final two seasons. Pro scouts were concerned about his hearing impairment.  But he didn’t give up on his dream to play professional football.  He  joined the  Minnesota Vikings practice squad last season but was cut.  In December 2012 he joined the Seattle Seahawks practice squad.  Now, he’s preparing for an NFC Championship.

Football fan or not, the Derrick Coleman Duracell ad is a must see.  His resilience and passion are inspiring and sends a great message to kids.

“Every day I wake up and I get a chance. I always say that God blessed me this morning and I can do what I do. Our time in this world is very limited. It can be gone now or it can be gone later so I take advantage of every opportunity I have whether it’s playing football, working or whatever. I’m just a happy guy. There’s no reason for me to ever get mad.”-Derrick Coleman


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