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ArtkiveB is a huge art lover.  He takes an art class after school twice a week and literally draws and colors 15 things a day at home.  For Christmas I wanted to get him and family members something special.  I discovered the most amazing app that creates a book from your child’s artwork.

ARTKIVE is the greatest app for parents of artistic kids. It is the EASIEST app to use.

*I simply snapped pics on the iPad of B’s artwork.  

*It is catalogued in the ARTKIVE app and you select which ones you want to use to create a book.  

*Once you select your photos, pay and hit send…ARTKIVE does the rest!

It literally took 5 minutes to make a Christmas gift that was easily one of B’s top 5 favorite Christmas presents.  He could not believe it when he saw his artwork featured in his very own book.  You even get to select your favorite one for the cover.

The ARTKIVE book is priceless and also a favorite for parents and grandparents.  They have great customer service and fast shipping.  The book is worth the investment and helps with the mommy guilt when you file your child’s drawings away in the trash.  Yes, it happens.  I can only keep so many pictures of spaceships and zombies.

Book pricing:

First 20 pages (images):
8×8 – $25
8.5×11 – $27.50 

$1/page (image) thereafter 

All books from 95-140 pages will cost:
8×8 – $100
8.5×11 – $102.50

I don’t know how long B will have a love affair with art but I will continue to showcase it in an ARTKIVE book. Years from now it will be so fun to look at with him and each picture has a special memory.

Artkive app

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