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Qalo RingWhen I was married I rarely, if ever took my wedding ring off.  It just felt weird NOT to have my ring on.  Even through my pregnancies it literally got stuck on my 3x enlarged finger and almost had to be cut off.  Being married  can be beautiful as is displaying your commitment via the ring.

However, sometimes a wedding ring can get in the way.  Qalo (pronounced [KAY-LO], rhymes with J-LO) is a cool company that has created a silicone wedding band for those with an active lifestyle.

It’s soft, flexible and if it’s lost or damaged it is very inexpensive to replace (men’s rings cost $20, women $16).

Between washing dishes, soccer playdates, working out, running a Spartan Race, driving in seedy areas of town…when The Rock and I get married I will need a Qalo ring.  I think it’s a sign that they make one in in LSU purple (which happens to represent Lupus).

Ten percent of Qalo’s annual profits are donated to The Alliance for Lupus Research. 

Qalo RingFellas, Qalo has you covered too…working on the car, lifting at the gym, washing dishes (some of you Dimes wash dishes, right?!), firefighters, military men, machinists, athletes….leave the Platnium bling at home and rock your Qalo.

Cincinnati Bengals QB, Andy Dalton was featured on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” sporting his Qalo on the football field.  That’s right, let the ladies know while you play that you are spoken for!!!

QALO represents Quality, Athletics, Love, and Outdoors. If any of these apply to you, peep Qalo rings in action on their website, QaloRing.comFACEBOOK and TWITTER.

Special thanks to Ted and Qalo for my purple ring.  They are sized and a small worked well for my 4.5 sized finger. 

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