Xmas Jammies

Xmas JammiesEvery year I dread doing the annual Christmas card.  Ya know, coming up with a really cute idea, execute it, and send it to the people I only talk to once a year.

This year the Holderness family of Raleigh North Carolina has taken it to another level.  Their video holiday card has gone viral with over 600K hits and a Good Morning America feature.

“Xmas Jammies” even has it’s own hashtag: #XmasJammies.

The fun family (which I’m probably a long lost descendant of) are seen dancing and “rapping” to the tune of Wil Smith’s “Welcome To Miami”.  They recap the 2012 year family milestones.  They shake it in personalized pjs (which I so happened to have bought for our family…lol…told ya, descendants) and they make Christmas videos (and jammies) look pretty cool.

The video is also a plug for their new company Visit The Greenroom.  The husband and wife duo are part of a video production team.  I think it’s a great use of social media and digital marketing!!!!

Once I get “Welcome To Miami” out of my head, I just might have to give them a call if I can’t come up with our holiday card!!!

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