Pantene Whip It Commercial

APantene Whip Its an MBA student, I really take note to marketing and advertising.

Every once in a while a television commercial comes along you never forget.  There’s “Where’s The Beef” for Wendy’s, Bill Cosby’s Jell-O ads, Budweiser’s Clydesdales, and McDonalds’s “I’m Loving It Campaign”.

One of the most powerful ads I’ve seen is a commercial for Pantene.  The commercial is to promote their Whip hair care.  It features attractive women with great hair.  The hashtag for the campaign is #WhipIt.  However the focus is on portraying the different image women are viewed as vs their male counterparts.

The Pantene Whip It commercial shows the contrasting labels attached to successful individuals doing the same thing while exploiting gender stereotypes:

Men                           Women

Boss                            Bossy

Persuassive               Pushy

Dedicated                  Selfish

Neat                             Vain

Smooth                        Show-Off

The powerful one minute ad appropriately ends with, “Don’t Let Labels Hold You Back”.  Although this is a global issue, it is currently only seen in the Phillipines.  Bring this one to the United States.

Their message rings true with the A Hot Mama mantra of SMART, STYLISH, STRONG.

I agree with Pantene, “Be Strong and Shine”.



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